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Pipedrive Integration

Experience a smoother hand-off from sales to finance

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SaaSOptics provides:

  • GAAP/IFRS-compliant revenue recognition without spreadsheets

  • Efficient invoice scheduling and highly customizable e-invoicing

  • Milestone-based revenue and invoice management not available in Xero

  • Out-of-the-box subscription metrics and analytics not available in Xero

  • Allows you to apply one payment to multiple invoices which is not available in Xero (when it syncs to Xero, it applies the payment as one payment per invoice as required by Xero)

  • Flexible and efficient accounts receivables and collections management

  • Allows you to reconcile your Stripe payments to your GL


STEP TWO - Choose your mappings

Choose from 30+ company attributes like industry, location, funding raised, etc. to segment your data in ways previously impossible.


STEP THREE - Gain a competitive edge with supercharged insights

Quality data gives you the edge you need to outperform your competition. Pairing SaaSOptics’ powerful Cohort and Analytic reports with Clearbit data enables you to understand the details behind who, what, where, and why your business is over or underperforming, so you can fuel your growth engine faster than the competition.

Other Supported Integrations & Advanced Workflows:







Advanced A/R Management

Milestone-Based Projects

Expense Recognition


Commission Connector

Coming Soon

Ready to tackle complex revenue recognition with ease?