Estimate your cashflow with the SaaS Billing Change Calculator

Quantify the cashflow impact of changing billing terms with this SaaS billing change calculator created by Todd Gardner with SaaS Advisors.

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As we enter a period of great uncertainty in SaaS, companies are re-examining their payment terms.

Some businesses will look to maximize cashflow by moving from monthly to annual payments, while others may wish to mitigate churn by renewing annual customers onto monthly terms. Regardless of your objective, changes in payment terms can have a significant impact on your business that will not appear on the income statement.

The SaaS Billing Change Calculator is designed to easily quantify the cashflow impact of changing billing terms.

In this video, watch Todd Gardner explain how to use this powerful tool to streamline your financial strategy.

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Forecast Your Company’s Cashflow

Need to better understand the cash inflows and outflows of your business? Download the template now to get forecasts you need to make strategic decisions.

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Everyone knows cash is king

You need to accurately understand your cash needs—both immediate and long term—in order to properly finance your operations today and make strategic decisions in the future.

This free Cashflow Forecasting Template will give you the two reports you need to do that:

A 13-week cash forecast

A payments forecasting template using invoice dates + DSO

Download the template now to better understand the cash inflows and outflows to your business.


Raise or Sell? Calculate Your Equity

This downloadable excel template is designed to help founders and other shareholders of SaaS companies decide if raising a round of equity would result in an economic gain for them.

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What’s inside?

The model presented in this calculator compares selling your company today vs. raising capital, absorbing dilution, growing ARR, and selling in 24 months.
We called upon industry expert Todd Gartner and SaaS veteran Jon Cochrane to share their thoughts and speculations on the current market and give a quick tour of the calculator so you will know how to use it to its full potential.

Create financial reports that instill investors with confidence


SaaS Loan Analysis Calculator

Looking for an alternative to traditional VC funding? This calculator will help you to explore and model your debt financing options.

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What’s inside

This calculator will help you compare your debt financing options, including:

  • Line of credit model
  • Term loan model
  • Royalty model
  • Contract funding model

See how different debt structures will impact your cash runway up to 36 months, and make accurate assumptions of how raising debt can help you fuel growth or breakeven in the future.

Ready to take your reporting to the next level with real-time, drillable metrics?

SaaS Metrics Template

SaaS Metrics Template

In this template, you’ll find a comprehensive set of foundational SaaS metrics (that you can trust) to wow investors and make key business decisions with confidence.

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Your plug-and-play SaaS metrics dashboard

Download this robust Excel template with pre-built calculations, formulas, definitions, and a customizable KPI dashboard.

Chart your path to profitability with metrics like:

  • Subscription Momentum
    • ARR
    • Customer Count
    • Average ARR
  • Churn & Retention
    • Churn Rate
    • Renewal rate
    • Net Retention Rate
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Create financial reports that instill investors with confidence

Chart of Accounts

SaaS Chart of Accounts Template

This sample Chart of Accounts allows your finance team to view, organize, and manage all your assets, liability, equity, revenue, and expense accounts in one place.

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For a proper SaaS P&L, you need a chart of accounts (COA)

Find out exactly where your business is making and spending money, so you can cut down on unnecessary expenses and put more money in your pocket.

This template will help you

  • Group your Chart of Accounts by functional area
  • Easily compare financial data between periods
  • Gain a common understanding of financial performance to share with investors
  • Test real data by facilitating a direct import into QuickBooks Online or Xero

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Commission Policy Template

Like a revenue policy, a commission policy is a living document that helps you enforce the consistent application of FASB guidelines (specifically ASC 606).

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What’s inside?

This document functions as an internal control that will dictate how your company accounts for expenses related to acquiring and fulfilling contracts. It will serve as a point of reference during audits.

You’ll get:

  • A usable policy template to use as a framework for your own company’s commission policy
  • Specific guidance for each section and additional FASB resources
  • Additional considerations for writing each section based on our team’s wealth of experience


See for yourself how GAAP compliance has never been this easy

Policy Template

Revenue Recognition Policy Template

Auditors require lots of documentation to ensure accuracy. Having a solid revenue recognition policy in place is the first step toward ensuring compliance.

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Did you know that revenue recognition issues are the leading cause of financial misstatements?

That’s why we put together a comprehensive revenue recognition policy that you can download and adapt to your business.

Use this template to:

  • Identify your contracts, SSPs, and Performance Obligations
  • Provide guidance on the allocation of transaction prices
  • Provide guidance on how to recognize revenue

Ready to achieve sustainable growth in today’s market?