Maxio pricing is based on trailing twelve month billing volume, and gives you the option to add or remove modules as needed.

  • Subscription billing

  • Revenue recognition

  • Saas metrics and analytics

Starting at

$5,000 annually

Up to $500k in annual billings


Got high billing volumes or need multiple modules? Get a custom quote to learn how you can bundle and save.

Automate your revenue recognition

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Automatically apply your revenue policy with accuracy and consistency across your entire customer base. Configure your automated revenue recognition schedules and let Maxio take care of the rest.

Deal with revenue recognition caveats directly in Maxio. Easily modify revenue recognition schedules for individual customers, contracts, or transactions as needed. Keep your records and reporting up to date with everything in a single system.

Your Advanced Revenue Summary offers an aggregated view of recognizable revenue for all customers within a chosen period. It’s accurate, provable, and always ready for your general ledger.

Customer lists, invoices, and payments exist in both Maxio and your general ledger. Once an invoice has been paid, automatically update your general ledger—no manual transfer required.

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  • Maxio’s revenue recognition is unparalleled in other systems. It has cut our month-end close down from 15 days to 5 days.

    Tiffani K, Image Relay

    Senior Accountant

  • Our team is able to report on flash bookings within two days of month end, and we are able to close revenue within five days as a result of implementing Maxio.

    Antonietta Ciccone, Extensiv

    Director of Corporate Revenue Accounting

    Stop manually invoicing customers

    Save hours each month by automating your invoicing with Maxio.


    Determine when you want your customers to pay

    In order to manage A/R in Maxio, you will first need to sync your sales orders into the system. You can do that manually or by connecting your CRM to Maxio.


    Configure your invoicing themes

    Tell Maxio what information you’d like to display on your invoices or choose from our standard and ready-to-go invoicing themes.


    Send your invoice

    Enjoy flexible invoicing options including sending in bulk, groups, or one-off. You can also choose to manually send invoices or have them sent automatically.


    Randy Wootton
    CEO, Maxio
    Brian Bell
    Managing Partner, Team Ignite Ventures

    Myth 1: "A Big Market Guarantees Success"

    We debunk the dangerous assumption that a large TAM guarantees your venture’s success, highlighting why thorough market analysis matters more than size alone.

    Myth 2: "Pre-Packaged TAM Figures Are Enough"

    Discover why relying solely on third-party TAM estimates can lead your business astray. We’ll show you the importance of diving deep into market specifics to form a defensible, actionable TAM.

    Myth 3: "Stolen TAM Valor"

    Claiming a slice of the market without directly competing or offering a new value proposition leads to unrealistic TAMs. We tackle the fallacies behind adjacent market sizes and the illusion of market share.

    Myth 4: "TAM and SAM Are the Same"

    Gain clarity on the distinction between Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Serviceable Available Market (SAM), and why understanding both is crucial for setting realistic goals and strategies.

    Myth 5: "TAM Is Static"

    If you think your TAM is set in stone, think again. We explore how market dynamics shift and why regular reassessment is key to staying relevant and competitive.

    Retention is king in SaaS, for both operators and lenders

    While all retention is good, not all retention is equal. And the ratio between gross revenue retention and net revenue retention contains useful diagnostic information.

    We call this “The Gap.”

    While the math here is simple, The Gap is a rarely discussed metric that provides helpful insights into the continuing health of your SaaS companies and customers.

    It’s not often discussed, but the GRR-NRR gap can be a useful “sanity check” on a SaaS company’s metrics, and when it falls outside of the usual range, can give a hint to operators and investors as to when something might need tweaking.

    This webinar is now available for CPE credit on Earmark.

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