Core values

At Maxio, we’re all about HYPE

At Maxio, we know the value of hard work and put our best into everything we do. But also we don’t let our work get in the way of relationships—with ourselves or our customers.

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Honest and Open

We’re candid about our product, our feedback, and ourselves.


Your Input Matters

We’re better together; our differences are strengths.


Passion for Progress

We push boundaries to make incremental improvements daily.


Expect Excellence

We expect the highest quality work from ourselves and others.

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About Maxio

Achieve sustainable growth in an evolving market

Maxio helps SaaS businesses uncover the critical financial insights they need to run an efficient SaaS business today while preparing for whatever comes tomorrow.

Our Mission

Building a better way to scale

Despite the evolution FinTech has seen over recent years, too many growing B2B SaaS companies still rely on spreadsheets and disconnected systems to manage their billing and stay compliant. They simply can’t handle their increasingly complex financial operations without sacrificing the agility they need to execute their go-to-market strategy.

Seeing this need, seasoned investment firm Battery Ventures made a joint investment in two industry-leading SaaS billing and finance solutions. Their goal? Combine the best technology already on the market together to create a unified financial operations solution for B2B SaaS companies.

One platform, one mission


Chargify was the leader in billing and subscription management for B2B SaaS. Specializing in complex usage and multi-attribute billing, payment collections, and business analytics, Chargify empowered businesses with the tools they need for sustainable growth.


SaaSOptics specialized in automating the financial operations of B2B SaaS companies by streamlining the order-to-revenue process. Through automated revenue recognition, comprehensive A/R management, and detailed financial metrics, SaaSOptics provided companies with the tools they need to maximize revenue.


Maxio brings these core functionalities together under one roof. No matter how complex a business’s billing requirements are, Maxio automates all financial operations—from rating and invoicing to reporting and analysis—all in a single, unified system.

Our mission is to equip B2B SaaS businesses with the tools they need to achieve flexible, sustainable growth in an ever-changing market. Whether your business is product-led or sales-led, a $1M ARR company or $100M+, Maxio helps you unlock your next stage of growth.

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