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Chargify & SaaSOptics are becoming Maxio.

Our subscription and revenue management platforms help subscription businesses offer flexible pricing and packaging—without the financial headaches.

If you don’t give your buyers options, your competitors will.

If you want to expand your product offerings to reach new markets, you need flexibility. The SaaS market is no longer split between product-led and sales-led strategies. Today, buyers want options.

But things get messy when changes to pricing and packaging leave your finance team in the lurch.

You shouldn’t have to choose between flexibility and your finance team’s sanity.

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Chargify is the leader in billing and subscription management for B2B SaaS, specializing in self-service product plans, complex billing scenarios, and payment collections.

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SaaSOptics streamlines financial operations through automated revenue recognition, comprehensive A/R management, and detailed financial metrics.

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Together, we provide your B2B SaaS company the tools you need to maintain pricing flexibility without compromising GAAP and IFRS financial reporting.

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