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Financial Operations for B2B SaaS

Bring order to financial chaos

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Automate your order-to-cash workflow

Maxio Platform offers you a one-stop solution for optimizing your financial operations workflow. Billing and collections, centralized reporting, and 2-way integrations with popular CRMs and GLs enable you to power your business, from startup to scale up.

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Create a customized pricing model

GIve your customers options with dozens of billing models at your fingertips, including basic subscriptions, usage-based, and frictionless self-service options. Maxio’s user-friendly product catalog keeps you flexible, so you can navigate changes quickly and confidently.

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Get cash in the door faster

Stop chasing late payments. Automated collections and dunning capabilities allow you to reduce risk of non-payment, drive down DSO, and understand your future cash position.

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Revenue recognition made easy

Maxio automatically handles complex revenue recognition scenarios, like re-allocations and carve-outs, so you can ace your audits in record time.

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GAAP-compliant expense amortization

GAAP and IFRS compliant without pulling all-nighters. Automatically capitalize, recognize, and report on expenses, so you can cut your month-end close in minutes, not days.

  • I’ve implemented Maxio at 3 companies and it works just as well at $100k in ARR as for $100M. It provides both customer-level and company-level SaaS reporting and has a very robust reporting back end to generate just about everything you need.

    Anthony Nitsos, SaaS Gurus

    Founder of SaaS Gurus

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  • We bought into a popular subscription management platform that didn’t live up to the hype. When our financial metrics were off, we knew it was time for a change. I wish we had found Maxio from the beginning, although it was definitely worth the wait.

    Mindy Drue, PalUsa

    Financial Controller at PalUsa

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  • It’s truly made for B2B SaaS, and I recommend Maxio to everyone I know starting a SaaS company. Build out your billing system right the first time, so you don't have to change it later!

    Bethany Stachenfeld, Sendspark

    Co-founder and CEO of Sendspark

    Sendspark logo
  • Maxio gave our investors an understanding of the business, so there was no need to formalize or process additional information. They had more confidence in our business because of Maxio.

    Peter Ord, GuideCX

    Founder and CEO of GuideCX

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