SaaS reporting tools that provide metrics in minutes

With access to your complete set of billing, invoicing, and customer data, Maxio creates the most accurate and comprehensive financial reporting in the industry. With just a few clicks, uncover insights you can’t get anywhere else.

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Investor-grade insights you can’t get anywhere else

Maxio connects all of your customer, contract, invoice, revenue, and payment details together into a single source.

This enables you to:

  • Access and analyze all of your customer subscription and billing information to make truly data-backed decisions
  • Run calculations with always up-to-date billing and invoicing records
  • Segment your financial data by associated customers and invoices
  • Generate trustworthy financial reports with just a few clicks

Audit-friendly financial reporting

Financial reports

Produce accurate, reportable revenue with just one click. Finance reports use revenue and invoice data associated with customer contracts to run the calculations you need to close out your month and paint a clear picture of your business’s financial health.

Key SaaS metrics

Keep track of where your business stands today and build comprehensive, forward-looking projections. Establish your KPIs and get the insights you need to make strategic decisions and instill your investors with confidence.

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Stay up-to-date with custom dashboards

Keep the different players in your company in the loop with easy access to the most important metrics for your business. All Maxio reports are available as widgets on customizable dashboards. With an unlimited number of both dashboards and Maxio seats, it’s easy to:

  • Visualize financial shifts through easy-to-read graphs and charts
  • Help your CEO understand churn across customer cohorts
  • Let your A/R accountant stay laser-focused on DSO and accounts receivable
  • Give your auditor “view only” access to review revenue records
Custom Dashboards

Know where the money is coming from

Identify how individual transactions are affecting your recurring revenue metrics at even the most granular levels. Pinpoint the drivers of expansion and contraction, whether it be certain industries, products, or other fields you’ve created.

What would take weeks to figure out in spreadsheets can be built in seconds with Maxio’s Advanced Subscription Momentum report.

Advanced Subscription Momentum Report

Actionable insights that drive business decisions

Everything you need, from every data source you have, all in one view.

Real-time data integration

Pull the information your board and executive team want to see, and rest assured it’s always accurate and up to date.

Effortless data visualization

Custom reports help your top-level executives gain an in-depth picture of your business health without getting lost in the financial details.

Data-driven decision-making

The drillable data at your fingertips allows you and your executive team to answer even the most complex questions in minutes.

The most powerful SaaS analytics platform on the market

Enriched with customer data points

Review your revenue trends using actual billing data enriched by additional customer details like cohort, industry, and ICP scores.

Interactive dashboards, configured your way

Your Advanced Subscription Momentum report offers almost limitless options for gaining deep business insight. Slice and dice the data any way you need to answer the tough questions about your subscriber activity.

Multi-entity reporting

Understand your business performance as a whole. If you operate under multiple legal entities, offer separate product lines, or serve various business sectors, combine all your entity data into one report to dig deeper into the contraction and expansion across all arms of your business.

subscription momentum report with FX gain and loss by currency
  • “Just looking back on it on my side, I probably would’ve transitioned to Maxio a good bit earlier just for the fact that it adds so much like scaling ability. It makes us a lot more nimble and allows us to make quick adjustments when we need to”

    Scott Haney, Chili Piper

    Revenue Operations

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  • Without Maxio, we would be heavily reliant on spreadsheets. Processes would take much longer and we’d find ourselves looking at a lot of different places in order to get the information that we need.

    Debbie Williams, EnMark Systems

    Chief Financial Officer

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  • It’s critical to find a system that will scale. You’re not investing too early. It’s always better to find the right system in the early stages of growth because spreadsheets won’t work long-term and won’t provide the insights you need to grow the business.

    Erik Lepke, Profitero

    Former VP of Finance

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  • [Investors] want to see revenue or MRR broken out by customer, and having to do that purely run through Excel, which is what we were doing before Maxio, was difficult and time-consuming to keep up to date.

    Nick Dulac, Niche

    Director of Finance

    SaaS analytics tools

    Stop manually building reports for every question when all you have to do is click.

    Basic financials

    Generate analytics information about transactions. Perform computations on the amount, MRR/ARR, quantity, and more.


    Predict future revenues by creating a set of virtual future projection transactions based on actual transaction data.

    Top customers

    Get a list of your top customers by MRR, ARR, revenue, or invoices for the selected options and timeframes, displayed in your home currency.


    Count customers or contracts using actual revenue or invoices records.

    Renewal rate

    Measure renewal rates by comparing transactions that expire in a reporting month with transactions that start in the same month.


    Report by a number of different cohorts, including start date, item, state, and more.

    Financial reports

    Be ready with always up-to-date revenue numbers when your auditor comes knocking.

    Advanced revenue summary

    Summarize invoice, revenue, deferred revenue, long-term deferred revenue, unbilled A/R, and drill down into detailed journal entries needed to book revenue, liabilities, and assets related to your subscriptions.

    A/R aging

    See your outstanding A/R by filtering and sorting your complete and current outstanding A/R list to summarize your full data set.

    A/R aging health trend

    Get additional insight into the risk profile of your unpaid invoice population to measure your A/R aging over time.

    Contract details

    An audit report with detailed contract and item-level revenue, invoicing, and deferred revenue waterfall information.

    Roll forwards

    View the change in deferred revenue and accounts receivable during a specified time period.

    Deferred revenue by transaction

    Calculate deferred revenue and unbilled accrued revenue by transaction as of the report end period.

    Days sales outstanding

    Calculate DSO on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to supplement the way you build your financial forecasts.

    Contract summary

    Get valuable information about your contracts by customer contract or by customer.

    Payment summary

    A rundown of the invoice amounts, accounts receivable, and payments received for a specified span of time.

    Open balance diagnostic

    Help with reconciliation by spotting potential variances between balances and the transactions created to offset the balances.

    Expense summary

    See a summary of cash outflows vs accrual expense reporting to holistically address your financial planning and GAAP/IFRS needs.

    State sales

    Summarize either your revenue or invoices by state.

    SaaS metrics & reporting FAQ

    SaaS analytics software is a tool that pulls data in from multiple data sources and provides insights into the financial health metrics that SaaS businesses need most. Nearly all SaaS analytics platforms will offer reporting functionality for basic stats such as churn rate, annual and/or monthly recurring revenue (ARR/MRR), customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer retention, and customer lifetime value (LTV), among others.

    More thorough platforms will also offer actionable, real-time reports such as advanced revenue summaries,, ARR/MRR tracking, projections for future performance, accounts receivable aging health trends, and average revenue per user. These comprehensive insights enable executive teams to clearly visualize the overall health of their business, make informed decisions, optimize their operations, and forecast their growth more accurately.

    SaaS reporting tools enable decision-makers to access accurate, real-time data, displayed in easy-to-read graphs and reports, and clearly understand the status of each of their key performance indicators in relation to their KPI goals.

    By representing data in an understandable way, SaaS reporting tools enable business leaders to make informed decisions quickly, optimize strategies, and drive growth. This data-driven approach ensures that decisions are based on actual performance metrics, rather than assumed conclusions or gut feelings.

    The right SaaS reporting tool for your business must integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and offer comprehensive analytics.

    For financial insights and performance metrics, Maxio’s financial reporting software is consistently rated as the best SaaS reporting solution on the market. It provides tailored analytics for SaaS businesses, ensuring access to real-time data, customizable reports, and actionable insights. Maxio is easy to use while providing a robust feature set, making it the ideal choice for those aiming to optimize their operations and drive growth through informed decision-making.

    Key features to look for in a SaaS reporting tool include:

    • Cloud-based functionality for accessibility
    • Integrations with CRMs and GLs

    Lead your business with insights you can’t get anywhere else

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    “Maxio gave our investors an understanding of the business, so there was no need to formalize or process additional information. They had more confidence in our business because of Maxio.”

    Peter Ord, Founder and CEO of GuideCX

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