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Automate accounts receivable. Get paid faster.

Now more than ever, cash is king. Maxio’s accounts receivable solution allows you to manage your collections process and dunning at scale, so you can track down and collect outstanding revenue without missing a beat.

And with Maxio, you’re not just getting another accounting software. Our platform’s workflows and functionality are designed specifically for the needs of B2B SaaS companies.

Reduce your A/R balance

Gone are the days of time-consuming invoice processing and manual financial management. Maxio’s A/R Management module allows you to categorize invoices into low, medium, and high priority to take quick action and manage your risk of non-payment.

Drive Down DSO

Need to reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) without sending random payment reminders and ruining your customer experience in the process? Our software solution offers an extensive library of collections cadence templates and automated escalation paths for any collections scenario.

Offer payment options

It’s never been easier to manage your accounts receivable and get paid. Customers can make online payments directly from custom-branded invoices generated in Maxio, and our e-payment integrations mean your customers have access to multiple payment processing methods from credit card to ACH.

Gain insights throughout

Stop struggling to conduct your accounts receivable forecasting out of a single spreadsheet. Maxio’s analytics dashboards make it easy to keep an eye on late payments, expected cash collections, and DSO in one place.

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Accounts Receivable Software FAQs

Accounts receivable (AR) automation software is an accounting solution that streamlines the A/R process for finance teams. This type of software automates invoicing, payment reminders, cash application, and other critical A/R tasks. A/R automation also provides accurate visibility into receivables aging and customer communications. In terms of pricing, A/R automation software varies based on features offered and number of users supported. Overall, A/R automation software saves finance teams time on routine A/R duties so they can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Small businesses and enterprise companies alike can track accounts receivable and the A/R process through proper bookkeeping and setting up reliable accounting systems. Maintaining organized records of customer invoices, payments, credits, and aging summaries provides visibility into the full receivable process. An accounts receivable aging report outlines unpaid customer invoices by time periods, highlighting slow payments. For a detailed guide on managing accounts receivable aging as a small business, check out our accounts receivable aging guide. This resource explains how to run A/R aging reports and use them to improve your receivable process.

There are a few key ways companies can collect accounts receivable faster. For example, implementing a customer portal with invoice tracking can help customers see balances and pay online. Cloud-based A/R automation software connected to the general ledger can also expedite cash application and reduce bad debt. Your Controller should then analyze accounts receivable aging reports to identify where bottlenecks occur in the collections process. Setting clear credit terms and following up on past due accounts also keeps cash flow healthy. Overall, A/R automation, online payments, and proactive collections optimize how quickly businesses collect what they’re owed.

Maxio’s advanced accounts receivable management software streamlines accounts receivable management by automating customer payments and collections management. It allows users to customize invoicing, implement automated dunning processes to recover past due payments, and manage customer accounts efficiently. These features help businesses reduce the time and effort spent on manual collections and improve cash flow.

Maxio’s integrations include key accounting and ERP systems like QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and Xero. Our platform also integrates with popular CRM systems to enhance your customer relationship management and streamline the order-to-cash process. Maxio’s robust APIs facilitate seamless connectivity with various software solutions, ensuring efficient data flow and streamlined operations across your business ecosystem.

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