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Accounts Receivable Software

Get cash in the door faster

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  • It’s truly made for B2B SaaS, and I recommend Maxio to everyone I know starting a SaaS company. Build out your billing system right the first time, so you don't have to change it later!

    Bethany Stachenfeld, Sendspark

    Co-founder and CEO of Sendspark

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Reduce your A/R balance

Gone are the days of invoice chasing and manual dunning management. Maxio’s A/R Management module allows you to categorize invoices into low, medium, and high priority to take quick action and manage your risk of non-payment.

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Drive Down DSO

Need to reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) without annoying your loyal customer base? We offer an extensive library of collections cadence templates and automated escalation paths for any collections scenario.

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Give your customers the gift of payment options

It’s never been easier to get paid. Customers can pay you directly from custom-branded invoices generated in Maxio, and our e-payment integrations mean your customers have access to multiple payment methods.

Take control of your company's cashflow.

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What are your biggest financial challenges?

Learn how Maxio can help streamline your financial operations, so you can maximize your revenue potential.