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Save your clients and portfolio companies from financial headaches

Our partners pass significant savings on to their clients and portfolio companies. Equip your clients and portfolio companies with better SaaS metrics and KPIs—while streamlining their financial operations.

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Why Maxio?

For outsourced service providers

Create expansion and growth opportunities

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We partner with CPA firms, fractional CFOs, financial services firms and technology consultants who provided services on general ledgers, ERP solutions, and other financial services applications.

Benefits to your firm:

  • Automate financial operations (and get rid of spreadsheets) so your team will have more time to take on more clients

  • Ensure accuracy and ASC-606 compliance with even the most complex subscription scenarios

  • Generate investor-grade SaaS metrics and KPIs in minutes

  • Accelerate due diligence processes

  • Introduce your clients to a solution that they won't outgrow

  • Implement a GL agnostic solution across your SaaS client base, whether they use Quickbooks, Xero, NetSuite, or Intacct

  • Offer Maxio to your clients at a discount

For VC and private equity firms

Bring financial excellence to your portfolio


We understand the risks that your firm takes. Modernizing your portfolio's financial operations with Maxio will give you accuracy, security, and control over your subscription records. Get real-time visibility to make strategic decisions necessary for growth.

Your firm will benefit from:

  • Modernizing your portfolio's financial operations for accuracy, security, and control over their subscription businesses

  • Rock-solid KPIs and analytics that provide confidence in valuations 

  • Consistent reporting across portfolio companies for your firm, the board, and other stakeholders

  • Shorter and more cost effective implementations to get up and running quickly

  • General ledger agnostic integrations—swap out GLs as companies grow without jeopardizing their revenue streams

  • Single point of contact with white glove service for your firm

  • A Maxio discount for your portfolio companies