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Revenue Recognition

GAAP and IFRS compliance that just works

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Revenue Recognition

Simplify your revenue recognition

Stop pulling all-nighters

Maxio’s advanced revenue recognition helps you tackle even the most complex revenue recognition scenarios. We support everything from multiple methodologies to standalone selling prices (SSPs) to custom allocation rules.

Don’t let busywork hold you back

Recognizing revenue in spreadsheets is time consuming and error prone. Configure all of your recognition rules in Maxio, and let the system calculate everything for you. We take care of the compliance part, so you can focus on what’s ahead.

Get funded, stay funded

Don’t let a revenue re-statement be the reason your company’s valuation gets a haircut. Maxio's trustworthy revenue reporting instills auditors, investors, and board members with confidence in your numbers.

Revenue Policy

Kick your spreadsheets to the curb

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Configure revenue recognition methods

With Maxio, you’re able to save and apply a different variation of your revenue policy to each contract. Think of it as hitting “save as” on your spreadsheet. Each copy is populated automatically when processing your contracts and generating invoices. Maintain separate SSPs to be applied separately from your explicit contract and invoice amounts for ultimate flexibility.

Apply allocation rules to contracts

Create specific rules for different types of customers, then quickly bulk-apply those rules across some or all of your contracts to generate historical revenue recognition records.

Compare the old state to the new

Maxio makes it easy to see the impact of various revenue recognition methodologies, so you can quickly see the impact of changes with the click of a button.

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  • Streamline your order-to-cash process

  • Reduce churn and stop revenue leakage

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  • Drive strategic decisions with real-time SaaS metrics and analytics

"Before Maxio, we spent a lot of time checking and reconciling. Now we copy the numbers straight out of Maxio into our revenue recognition journal. It probably takes two minutes instead of a full day."

- Craig Humphrey, VP of Finance and Operations at Arctic Shores (UK)

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Learn how Maxio can help streamline your financial operations, so you can maximize your revenue potential.