SaaS Revenue Management

You shouldn’t need a PhD to manage revenue recognition

Maxio’s Advanced Revenue Management module allows you to automate complex revenue recognition scenarios in accordance with GAAP/IFRS standards.

advanced revenue management 606 report example

Apply your revenue policy consistently

Maxio’s Advanced Revenue Management module automatically applies standalone selling prices (SSPs) and revenue reallocation rules to specified contract populations, meaning you can officially sunset your revenue recognition spreadsheet.

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Easily compare revenue recognition scenarios

No more toggling back and forth between different workbooks. Maxio quickly shows you the before and after state of different revenue recognition scenarios in a pre-configured report.

example of deferred revenue report

Ace your audit in record time

Maxio has helped countless B2B SaaS companies prep for financial audits. Pull audit samples quickly with our advanced revenue summary report that can be generated at both the customer and contract level.

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