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For Sales-Led Companies

Take the complexity out of sales-led SaaS

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Ultimate flexibility for contracts and billing

Negotiate deals without creating extra work for your finance department. Maxio syncs data between your CRM and general ledger, so you can negotiate contract terms on the fly and close deals faster, without getting slowed down by a manual order-to-cash process.

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Financial reporting that takes care of itself

What happens when a customer requests a last-minute change to their net payment terms? Without real-time financial reporting, you can't forecast your monthly cash flow. Maxio gives you greater visibility into your accounts receivable, so you negotiate payment details without stressing over the state of cash in your business.

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Support your GTM from startup to scale-up

If your goal is to scale, you can’t manage your finances in a basic CRM and accounting software forever. Eventually, you’ll need the tools that allow you to break into new segments, geographies, and verticals without creating financial complexities. Maxio grows with you as you scale from early-stage to scale-up and beyond.

Support your sales-led motion with Maxio