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A SaaS product catalog designed for complex pricing

Create individual contracts or build unique subscription plans from items you define. Quickly and easily tailor pricing per contract, plan, or individual subscriptions—no devs required.

Leverage usage billing to create value-based pricing plans. From traditional metered billing to a multi-attribute model, Maxio can handle it all.

Don’t let systems hold you back from pricing the way you want. Automate your entire order to revenue process, from renewals to revenue recognition.

Flexible product catalog

Don’t let your pricing strategy become the Wild West. Enable (or disable) customization permissions as needed, so all subscription plans adhere to your pricing guidelines.

Tidy up your product catalog without compromising plan personalization. Add and remove items to create unique price points for multiple customers within the same plan.

Co-term agreements as customers add on to their orders. Group future invoices together, and rest assured contract changes are reflected in your revenue reporting.

Tailored invoicing

Stop billing questions before they happen. Offer as much or as little information as your customer needs to understand their usage, payment history, and amount due.

Simplify customer payments by grouping line items or rolling multiple subscriptions up into a single invoice. Invoice individuals, companies, or multi-level parent entities.

Automate the billing cycle for customers who prefer a hands-off experience. Integrations with payment gateways like Stripe to offer self-service customers a seamless experience.

Raise the bar for customer service

Enable your customer success teams to do their best work with all the data they need, all in one place. See all system integrations

Centralized subscription information

Anything that affects your customer’s subscription lives in Maxio, so your team can make changes as needed or answer any customer questions at a moment’s notice.

Monitor billing activities

Don’t let an invoice be the bearer of bad news. Revenue notifications help you stay on top of your customers’ daily billing activities, so you can catch unexpected changes early.

Your favorite CRM integrations

Our integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Pipedrive sync data in real time, so your team always has up-to-date customer data in your preferred system. We also offer API integrations with any other CRM.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Simplify customer lifecycle management

Customer onboarding

Your new customer subscriptions can leverage PCI-compliant signup pages or custom contracts. Whichever you choose, Maxio ensures your customer’s invoice or recurring bill dispatches when it’s supposed to.

Onboard customers with their preferred recurring payment method, supporting over 150 currencies. We support direct deposit, credit cards, ACH, direct debit, remittance invoicing, and manually applied payments.

Customer renewals

Keep your customers from experiencing a break in service with automated renewals for recurring payments. Do your customers want a white-glove experience? Set up early reminders for your sales team to reach out.

Stop losing customers over expired credit cards. Build out extensive dunning cadences right into the billing platform. Tailor your reminder emails to plans, payment methods, billing cycles, and more.

Customer/subscription lifecycle expansion

Improve customer relationships by tailoring service to their needs. Enable self-service upgrades or downgrades or make changes based on quantity, features, or net-new products.

If a customer decides it’s time to part ways, make the transition easy on them (and you). Prorate invoices based on service period and accurately report future revenue to stay compliant.

Subscription management software FAQ

A subscription management system provides management tools to support businesses that operate on a subscription-based business model. Subscription management systems are able to facilitate the entire lifecycle of a subscription, from signup to renewal, and handle recurring revenue streams from multiple sources.

Subscription management solutions also enable transparent data and analytics to assist in overall revenue management.

At its core, subscription billing software works by maintaining a product catalog of pricing tiers and rules and applying them to your subscribers’ plans. The software is able to track each subscriber’s journey and offers billing solutions that send invoices for manual payment or automatically run approved monthly payments through approved payment processing systems.

Often, subscription billing software will also include built-in functionalities to protect your company’s financial health by monitoring at-risk customers, implementing retention strategies, and ultimately reducing churn rate while increasing your average customer lifetime value.

Advanced analytics within the software provide insights into billing trends and customer behavior, enabling businesses to tailor their offerings for better engagement and revenue growth.

Maxio (previously Chargify) excels in automating billing, managing customer subscriptions, and providing insightful financial analytics, all designed to enhance revenue growth and streamline operations. This integrated approach makes Maxio the best choice for businesses seeking to optimize their subscription management and financial processes.

Maxio standard pricing starts at just $5,000 annually based on trailing twelve month billing volume, with the flexibility to add or remove options as needed. Other platforms will have varying subscription management software costs based on details such as the platform you select, the number of users, and the features included. Schedule a demo with our solutions team to see how Maxio can help you bring order to financial chaos.

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“With Maxio, we are able to test different pricing models just by talking to customers and proposing different plans. We could see what made sense, what was too high, what was too cheap, and what really resonated with our customers.”

– Bethany Stachenfeld, Co-founder and CEO of Sendspark

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Subscription billing

Manage complex billing scenarios without cluttering your product catalog.

SaaS reporting tools

Never lose sight of your business performance with accurate, reportable SaaS metrics.

Subscription management

Streamline every step of your customer’s lifecycle, from onboarding to renewal and beyond.

Revenue recognition

Help your finance team sleep at night with revenue recognition built for the complexity of B2B SaaS.