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Subscription Billing

Billing you won’t outgrow

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Billing Models

Optimize your billing for growth

Gain a competitive edge by aligning your pricing model with your product’s value. Our flexible billing engine gives you unlimited ways to monetize products and services.

Custom contract

Create individualized pricing to fit each customer’s needs.

One-time charge

Add one-off charges to any subscription at any time.

Setup fee

Charge on signup or after a trial period expires.

Targeted promotions

Drive new acquisition and retain existing customers.


Offer based on any duration of days or months.

Billing frequencies

Renew annually, quarterly, monthly, or define custom periods.

Upfront models

  • Custom contract
  • Flat rate
  • One-time charge
  • Professional services
  • Quantity-based
  • Setup fee
  • Simple subscriptions
  • Tiered
  • Trial
  • Volume
  • Stair step
  • Per unit

Usage models

  • Fixed
  • Metered
  • Variable
  • Prepaid
  • Overages
  • Multi-attribute
  • Tiered
  • Volume
  • Stair step
  • It’s truly made for B2B SaaS, and I recommend Maxio to everyone I know starting a SaaS company. Build out your billing system right the first time, so you don't have to change it later!

    Bethany Stachenfeld, Sendspark

    Co-founder and CEO of Sendspark

    Sendspark logo

Usage-Based Pricing

Let customers pay for what they use

Maxio’s unrivaled usage billing engine enables you to build anything from a simple metered model to a fully-customized, multi-attribute billing strategy based on any trigger you can track.

Component pricing dashboard

Send us your data

Integrate your application with our API to send us anything you want to bill on now or in the future. Maxio will log all your information, then add it up when it’s time for an invoice to renew.


We’ll do the math

No need for multiple integrations to rate your usage data, Maxio handles it for you. After your data hits our system, we calculate the charges at the correct time based on your billing cycle.


Bill and collect the way you want

Deliver your customer’s accurate invoice, then automatically collect payment via any of our available payment gateways. It’s as simple as that!

Price Changes

Move fast and (don’t) break things

Billing and pricing naturally evolve with your company, customers, and market trends. Maxio helps you navigate change with confidence.

Respond to market changes

Change or update any aspect of your billing as needed, from select subscription types to your entire monetization model.

Don’t start from scratch

Duplicate contracts, clone plans and items—even your entire catalog—to easily create a new price configuration on a pre-existing workflow.

Test, test, test

Be sure your workflows… you know, work. Double check processes in a sandbox environment before rolling out new billing changes.

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Global Billing

Global expansion has never been simpler

With Maxio, the price is always right—no matter where you’re billing.

150+ currencies

Build trust and increase market share by tailoring your billing by region.

Tax calculations

Set up your own parameters or automate tax calculations based on where you’re billing.

Exchange rates

Rely on our built-in exchange rates or price directly in your preferred currency.

Ready to achieve sustainable growth in today’s market?

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What are your biggest financial challenges?

Learn how Maxio can help streamline your financial operations, so you can maximize your revenue potential.