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Events-Based Billing

Value-based pricing built for B2B SaaS

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Bill like the industry titans

Pioneered by companies like AWS and Twillio, Events-Based Billing is the industry-leading B2B SaaS billing model. But if you wanted it, you had to build it. Not anymore.

Maxio offers the first (and only) out-of-the-box solution for building complex, value-based pricing models that rival the industry titans.

How it works

1. Stream your data

Integrate your application with Maxio’s single API endpoint to begin streaming event data. Send us anything you want to bill on (now or in the future). Maxio can capture and process massive amounts of data, so don’t hold back.

2. Maxio does the math

No need for multiple integrations to process your event data. We handle everything for you. Once your data hits our system, we automatically calculate the charges and bill off those events in real time.

3. Bill the way you want

Maxio enables you to stay ahead of market trends by billing on value. Build a customized, multidimensional billing strategy unique to your business. Optimize your strategy in real time with automatic data streaming and analytics.

Events-based vs. Standard usage

What's the difference?


Metered Billed

Periodically batch and send data to your billing system.

Events-Based Billing

Stream data in real-time.

Find out how events-based billing will work in your business