Maxio for leaders

Turn financial insights into revenue growth

Execute any GTM strategy, extend your cash runway, and lead your business confidently with Maxio.

  • Maxio gave our investors an understanding of the business, so there was no need to formalize or process additional information. They had more confidence in our business because of Maxio.

    Peter Ord, GuideCX

    Founder and CEO of GuideCX

  • Unlock new growth levers

    Don’t let growth expectations keep you up at night. Maxio’s flexible billing and pricing models help you break into new market segments while monetizing existing customer cohorts and product lines.

    Stop revenue leakage at the source

    Outstanding revenue can spell disaster for your SaaS company’s cash position. Maxio gives you the tools to reduce burn rates and extend your cash runway. Combine Maxio’s in-depth financial reports and automated dunning to pinpoint revenue leaks, and stop them once and for all.

    A single source of truth for SaaS metrics

    Your board and investors don’t just want numbers in a spreadsheet—they want a story about business performance. Maxio gives you access to hundreds of out-of-the-box SaaS metrics, so you can tell your story with confidence.

    See how key operating metrics are trending across customer cohorts and individual product lines, use your insights to make strategic decisions, and remain compliant, always.

    Navigate through your next inflection point with ease