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Use Real-Time Data for Billing and Analytics with Maxio + Airbyte

The way businesses capture and apply customer usage data is changing. As SaaS continues to evolve, so does their emphasis on capturing real-time data.

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January 19, 2022

The way businesses capture and apply customer usage data is changing. As SaaS continues to evolve, so does their emphasis on capturing real-time data. Every savvy leader knows how important data is to a SaaS business—it’s the main driver behind every decision. And, the ability to analyze that data in real-time is the ace up your sleeve. 

Real-time data empowers businesses to gain vital business insights faster, so they can proactively respond to changes as they occur. Businesses which collect real-time data are able to:

  • Stay ahead of the market by reacting more quickly than their competitors

  • Lower churn rates by addressing customer movements in the moment

  • Deliver ultra-personalized customer experiences

  • Increase customer loyalty with value-based pricing

  • Recognize usage trends which predict future business technologies

  • Improve retention and increase revenue by further refining product offerings based on customer usage

However, there’s a reason only a handful of SaaS businesses have put the real-time data they capture to work—and it’s not because they don’t see the value. It’s because they don’t have the bandwidth to do it. When torn between investing time and resources into leveraging their real-time data and developing new features to delight their customers, many SaaS companies understandably choose the latter.

But what if your business could move into the future with the power of real-time data without sacrificing the business initiatives that matter today?

Introducing the Maxio + Airbyte integration

Airbyte is an open-source data integration application which empowers your team to skip the heavy lift of getting your real-time data where it needs to go, because they give your infrastructure the superpower of collecting and moving data seamlessly. They’re also Maxio’s newest integration partner.

Airbyte is the crossover functionality Maxio merchants need to focus on insights and innovation. It empowers you to send data from any tool in your techstack to Maxio in near real time. (Your real-time data is synced to Maxio as often as every 5 minutes.) Simply drop in your API credentials and select the data you want to send over. 

This access to real-time data (also known as event data) then empowers your business to take full advantage of powerful features like Events-Based Billing and Maxio Business Intelligence.

Learn more about the Maxio + Airbyte integration here.

Why send your data to Maxio?

While many SaaS billing softwares offer a source connector to send your real-time billing data to other applications, Maxio offers a destination for data collection and analysis. In other words, Maxio is the only billing and FinOps platform to provide your business with a single source of truth for billing and subscription management.

Use Maxio + Airbyte to gain real-time insights.

Maxio Business Intelligence is a self-service analytics suite that empowers you to create and share custom dashboards, no matter where that data comes from. Analyze your billing data collected through Maxio, or stream in data from third-party sources, for a 360 degree view of your business. 

With Maxio Business Intelligence, you’re not limited to slicing and dicing your data “our way.” Analyze in the way that best suits your needs. The Maxio + Airbyte integration makes it even easier for you to stream in the business and product data you need for powerful insights, no code required.

Learn how Maxio + Airbyte powers your BI solution.

Use Maxio + Airbyte to bill like the industry titans.

Usage pricing is on the rise. Customers are no longer willing to pay for services they’re not making full use of, which is where usage pricing steps in. You’re probably familiar with usage pricing structures like product tiers or a single-attribute metered billing (e.g. “a TB of data transferred”).

Events-Based Billing is usage billing on steroids. This next evolution in usage billing enables you to implement complex, multi-attribute pricing (e.g. “a TB of data transferred from one region to another using a cloud data storage platform”) for a more accurate, more customized pricing model for every customer. But employing this industry-leading pricing strategy requires having access to multi-attribute customer event data, which is where the Maxio + Airbyte integration steps in.



Maxio already offers the only out-of-the-box solution for Events-Based Billing. Now, through the Maxio + Airbyte integration, we can offer you what you need to stream in the data you need to fuel it.

Learn how Maxio + Airbyte powers true value-based pricing.

Learn more about Maxio + Airbyte.

To dive deeper into how the Maxio + Airbyte integration can supercharge your business strategy, check out the Maxio + Airbyte integration page. Read the documentation here.

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