Redesigned Public Signup Pages: Mobile Friendly, and Optimized to Convert

Everything we do at Maxio is centered around one core objective – to provide the tools that help subscription-based businesses grow and become successful.

Adam Feber

Adam Feber

September 15, 2016

Redesigned Public Signup Pages: Mobile Friendly, and Optimized to Convert

Everything we do at Maxio is centered around one core objective – to provide the tools that help subscription-based businesses grow and become successful.

Since signup pages are such an important part of converting potential customers into paying customers, we’re extremely happy to announce that we have completely redesigned our public signup pages.

What’s new? Maxio’s “out of the box” signup pages are beautifully designed, mobile friendly, and packed full of improvements that are proven to provide a better user experience and convert more customers! Read on to learn more…

Note: While the new signup pages are available to all Maxio merchants, you’ll have to update your existing pages from the previous “Classic (v1)” pages to the updated “Modern (v2)” pages. It only takes a matter of seconds, and we’ll tell you how below.

Designed With Mobile In Mind

According to 2015 research, mobile internet surfing time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop usage at 42%.


With the rise in mobile browsing, not adapting can negatively impact your business. In “The Mobile Playbook,” published by the one and only Google, they state that:

  • 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site, and
  • 40% have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.

Don’t worry! Maxio’s updated public signup pages are fully responsive and look beautiful across all devices from the desktop to tablets to iPhones, Androids, and other mobile devices. So now, mobile friendly signup pages are just one less thing you have to worry about in your quest for unicorn status.

Additionally, when customers go to enter their credit card information via a mobile device, there is a nifty “Scan Credit Card” option which allows them to simply take a picture of their credit card to populate the credit card number.


This feature makes entering credit card information painless, and dare we say it, fun. Try it out, it is awesome!

Pixel Perfect Design, Optimized For Conversions

There is a lot of psychology behind conversion rate optimization (CRO), and little adjustments can have a big impact over time. Think about it…even if you only pick up a few more converting customers a month, compounded over a year, you’re left with dozens of paying customers that you would have otherwise missed out on.

ConversionXL lists simplicity as one of the core principles of CRO and states that “[Simplicity] flows out of singularity: do not add clutter to your pages…the golden rule of simplicity is to add plenty of whitespace to every design.”


As you can see in the comparison of the classic vs modern page, the focus of this redesign was geared towards providing clean design with simplicity in mind. The end result is public sign up pages that not only look better, but will convert more paying customers for Maxio merchants.

But it was not all about design. We incorporated usability improvements to make the user experience more intuitive during the signup experience.

Sticky Subscription Summary

As visitors scroll down the signup page, there is now a “sticky” subscription summary that remains with them throughout the signup experience.


The intent of this improvement is to provide more transparency into what the soon-to-be customer is about to purchase and includes:

  • A breakdown of the selected options which will include their main plan plus any additional add-ons, coupons applied, taxes, etc.
  • “Today’s Total” which is the amount they will be charged today upon submission
  • Their next renewal date and the amount they will be changed moving forward

If you read our post on “10 Ways To Prevent Recurring Billing Chargebacks,” this type of transparency also helps prevent recurring billing chargebacks – it’s a win-win.

Inline Form Error Messaging

When a signup form is submitted with inaccurate data or missing required fields, form errors are now displayed inline instead of grouped together at the top of the page. This improvement makes it easier to distinguish what needs to be updated for a successful submission without hunting:



It is important to note that CAPTCHAs are optional and can be enabled or disabled on any sign up page. The intent of CAPTCHAs are to distinguish humans from bots and prevent spam signups and attacks, but the old version of CAPTCHAs were clunky and confusing.

In a survey conducted by Moz, when CAPTCHAs were turned on, they saw 159 failed conversions over a three month period, many of which were legitimate users. So while there are many benefits for using CAPTCHAs, they can also hurt your conversion numbers.

The solution? We’ve updated to the newest version of CAPTCHAs that has been proven to eliminate the majority of failed conversion attempts while maintaining the spam preventing benefits of using a CAPTCHA in the first place. The updated CAPTCHA looks like this:


Learn more about how Google’s “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” works.

Beautiful Receipt Pages

In the public signup page settings, you can enter a custom URL to direct your customers to after a successful signup. If you do not enter a custom URL, we’ll direct them to their receipt page. The default receipt page has also been completely redesigned. Not only does it look great, it is mobile friendly as well.


How To Use The New Modern (v2) Public Signup Pages

All Maxio merchants will have access to the newly redesigned public signup pages. Before you get started, there are a few things you’ll need to know:

Migrating Existing Sites/Pages

Existing Maxio Sites prior to this release will still have the Classic (v1) layout by default. But migrating to the new Modern (v2) layout is easy:

  • You can individually enable the new Modern layout for each page by editing the desired page > using the ‘Layout version’ dropdown > and saving.
  • If you use custom CSS: Just like the Classic signup pages, you can customize the look of the Modern pages with custom CSS. Before you go live with the Modern layout, you’ll need to update the custom CSS using the new Modern layout CSS classes.
  • For more information on migrating to the newly redesigned Modern public signup pages, check out our migration documentation.

If you would like to make the Modern layout the default moving forward, you can update the public page default settings. Learn how here.

New Sites

For any new Maxio Sites created after this release, there is no action needed – the new Modern layout will be the default layout for all public signup pages created. Enjoy these beautiful pages!

For more information about what Maxio’s public signup pages are and how to use them, check out our “Intro to Public Signup Pages” documentation.

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