Subscription Analytics

Reliable subscription analytics and insights

Say goodbye to dated spreadsheets and wild guesses with real-time, reliable SaaS insights.

Your source of truth

Because Maxio is the system of record for all recurring revenue transactions, we are uniquely positioned to better understand when, what, and why charges happen more accurately than third-party reporting tools.

Deeper insights

As your product catalog becomes more sophisticated, so do your reporting needs. Use offer-lever filtering to better understand adoption, retention, price elasticity, and much more across your portfolio.

Understand every part of recurring revenue

MRR and usage analytics provide management, product, marketing, and sales teams a comprehensive view into the movements that drive MRR and metered usage growth.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Dynamic views

Constant change requires dynamic views

Customer movements

Understand both MRR and usage growth trends over time and organized by customer—drill down to see individual movements for each subscription.

Offer movements

Filter your catalog to see how products and components drive growth over time. Isolate and analyze how revenue switches between offers through plan changes.

Revenue recognition

Extract the underlying transactional data to automate ASC-606/IFRS-15 compliant revenue recognition. Your finance team will thank you.

Daily email snapshot

Get daily summaries of revenue movements that include week and month-to-date performance for convenient, constant updates.

Subscriber Growth

Keep a close eye on the health of your customer base, a.k.a. your “subscribers.” See movements of paying subscribers that convert (New Business), cancel (Churn), and return (Reactivate), and switch between offers. A visual snapshot shows breakdowns and historical trends for any given period of time.

Churn analysis

Understand all things churn—numbers, rates, and calculations—from one intuitive, easy to digest view.  

Quickly access and analyze:

  • Customer/Subscriber Churn: Churn Count / Start of Period Count
  • MRR Churn: Churn MRR / Start of Period MRR
  • Gross MRR Churn: Churn MRR + Contraction MRR
  • Net MRR Churn: Retention overtime grouped by signup date
  • Retention Cohorts: (Churn MRR + Contraction MRR) / Start of Period MRR

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Monitor subscription changes and revenue movements

With Revenue Alerts, you can define thresholds for revenue changes that trigger real-time emails and in-app notifications, allowing you to keep closer tabs on high-value conversions, expansion/contraction revenue, and potential churn risks.

Revenue retention analysis

Get insights into the effectiveness of your revenue recovery strategy (a.k.a “dunning”). Constantly optimize your efforts to maximize results. Get visibility into:

  • At-risk subscriptions that have entered dunning
  • Revenue successfully recovered
  • Revenue lost
  • Effectiveness cohorts

Automate sales commission calculations

Associate revenue to reps for real-time, error-free insights that automate the most labor-intensive step of calculating sales commission programs where revenue events are rewarded.

Finance reporting

Eliminate the need for time-intensive ad hoc reporting to consolidate total revenue, define the subcategories of revenue, and reconcile all transactions at the end of the month. Your finance and accounting team will love the granular view into:

  • Total Revenue: All the subcategories of sales, discounts, and credits/voids that make up total revenue
  • Total Billed: Total Revenue plus applicable taxes
  • Payments: Understand all payments collected vs. expected vs. uncollected
  • Net Revenue: Total Revenue minus any refunds towards previously received payments

Learn more about Maxio’s financial reporting >

Tax History Reporting

Access the subcomponents of tax collections by each tax type, jurisdiction, rate, and amount. Take the pain out of filing taxes.

Data Exports

Filter and sort customer, subscription, and transactional data. Export any view in a CSV format for further analysis or record keeping.

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