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Grow your business through referrals

Incentivize and Reward Referrals

A successful referral program is a two-way street

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Reward referring customers

Provide an account credit for the referrer—such as $25 for every new signup—through the customer's referral code.

Incentivize new customers

Provide a discount to anyone signing up through the referral code, such as 10% off for 6 months, or $50 off the first month.

Referral communication

Spread the word about referrals

Maxio system emails

Use {{subscription.referal_code}} in any Maxio system email to dynamically display your customer's unique referral code.

Custom workflow

You decide how referrals are redeemed

Enter on sign up

Similar to coupon codes, referral codes can be manually entered on Maxio public sign up pages when the option is enabled.

Track referral performance

Referral reports let you track how your referral program is performing. View a list of new referral signups that show you the original referrer, the recipient (new customer), referral code used, and signup date. See who your biggest advocates are!

Blank customer dashboard

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