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Renewal Management

Never miss an invoice again

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Stop chasing down late payments

Maxio enables your team to proactively reach out to customers who are up for renewal, so you can painlessly reduce your DSO.

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Choose automatic or manual renewals

Maxio gives you flexibility when managing customer renewals. Automate or manually renew contracts in bulk or one-off using flexible renewal templates and insights.


Set price increases or other unique factors

With maxio, it's easy to include automatic price increases at renewal. You can easily set specific renewal amounts and terms to be used going forward after your initial contract expires.


If you forget to renew someone, we have you covered

We notify you when a transaction has expired and there is no more revenue to recognize or invoices to send. Maxio makes sure you don't miss anything by alerting you to these expired transactions and allowing you to cancel or renew them.

Stop revenue leakage before it begins