Pipedrive Integration

Experience a smoother hand-off from sales to finance

Connect Maxio to Pipedrive to automatically generate invoicing and revenue recognition schedules and send invoices directly from the platform.

Connect SaaSOptics to Pipedrive

Maxio has a native integration with Pipedrive. Connecting Maxio allows you to send data from Pipedrive to Maxio so you don’t have to manually enter sales orders into Maxio.

Map your fields

Map any important customer fields you want captured in Maxio such as customer name, billing address, and industry segment, as well as order fields such as items purchased, quantities, amounts, discounts, and any other custom field you wish to include.

Sync your sales orders

Process your orders efficiently and integrate all of your data so you can have confidence that your sales records will always match your financial records.

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Streamline Accounting for Subscription Businesses

Maxio and Salesforce work together to automate the order-to-cash workflow for SaaS and subscription businesses.

Why Connect Salesforce and Maxio?

Connecting Salesforce and Maxio empowers businesses to streamline their sales and billing processes, ensuring seamless two-way data synchronization between the two platforms.

As a result, this integration eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, and provides your teams with real-time insights into customer accounts and billing information.

How it works

This integration between Salesforce and Maxio creates a unified system that seamlessly connects your sales with your billing operations.

This means that your Salesforce Accounts and Contacts automatically sync with Maxio’s Customer records, keeping your customer information consistent and up-to-date across both platforms. For example, if an account has multiple contacts, you can specify the relevant contact during the creation of a customer or subscription in Maxio.

In addition to this two-way sync, products created in Maxio appear as products in Salesforce, with details like price points and currency managed through Salesforce Price Books. This ensures your pricing information is accurate and easily accessible within Salesforce. Additionally, you can create subscription previews from Salesforce Opportunities, allowing you to save and activate pricing previews when a deal is won, or manually when needed.

Another key feature of this integration is the ability to generate PDFs from subscription previews, which can be shared with customers during negotiations—this can help streamline your sales process by providing clear and professional pricing documentation for both your sales reps and your potential customers.

And if that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, then you’ll be happy to know that when you create subscriptions with a “Consolidated” Invoice Type, they form a subscription group in Maxio, making it easy to manage your billing operations.

Product Details

Customer and contact management

By linking Salesforce Contacts with Maxio Customer records, you can maintain detailed customer profiles that capture all relevant billing and subscription details. Additionally, this integration allows for easy migration of existing Salesforce Contacts to new or different Maxio Customer records, ensuring that all information remains accurate and current.

Subscription management

You can add Subscription Previews to Salesforce Opportunities, providing a preview of the subscription details that can be activated upon deal closure. This feature also streamlines the sales process by allowing sales teams to prepare and finalize subscription details in advance. Additionally, during the creation of a subscription, you can collect payment profile information, ensuring that all necessary payment details are gathered upfront.

Invoicing and payments

With this integration, you can perform various invoice actions within Salesforce such as recording payments, applying credits, and generating public URLs for invoices. Additionally, you can generate one-time invoices directly from Salesforce, with customizable fields and line items.

Custom fields and quoting

You can use this integration to use subscription previews as quote versions. This enables you to negotiate deals with accurate, detailed quotes before closing potential opportunities.

Customizable offer signup pages

Create customizable offer signup pages with unique links for customers to self-service their subscriptions.

Availability and pricing

The integration is available on Salesforce Developer, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans, and is compatible with both Salesforce Classic and Lightning. It works seamlessly in both sandbox and production environments, supporting multiple API keys and subdomains.

To ensure a smooth implementation, we strongly recommend testing the integration in a Salesforce sandbox account before enabling it in production, as this helps identify and resolve any potential conflicts with custom workflows or processes.

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Automate Subscription Management

Maxio and HubSpot work together to streamline your sales and billing workflows.

Why Connect Hubspot and Maxio?

By integrating HubSpot with Maxio, you can ensure your customer and contact data are always up-to-date, streamline your sales and billing workflows, and leverage the native features of both platforms without having to manually push data back and forth. Or worse, manage it all out of a spreadsheet.

With this integration, your product catalog in Maxio will be synchronized with HubSpot’s Product Library, allowing your sales reps to build deals and associate Maxio products and components as line items in HubSpot. This enables you to use HubSpot’s features like quotes and snippets while Maxio automates recurring billing and subscription-related activities

How it works

Our integration with HubSpot synchronizes your customer and contact data bi-directionally, allowing you to manage deals, quotes, and subscriptions seamlessly within HubSpot while automating billing and subscription management through Maxio.

Additionally, product catalogs in Maxio are synced with HubSpot’s Product Library, allowing your sales reps to build deals and associate products and components as line items within HubSpot.

Here’s a closer look at what that workflow looks like altogether:


Users can create deals directly from the HubSpot interface, associating products and components from the Maxio product catalog as line items in HubSpot.


Once a deal is closed, our integration automates the creation of a subscription in Maxio based on the deal properties and line item associations.


Sales reps can then view a subscription preview, displaying the first invoice and ongoing fees, ensuring accuracy before finalizing.


Utilize HubSpot’s quoting features with line items synced from Maxio, enabling accurate and professional quotes that reflect discounts, setup fees, and taxes.

Product Details

Data synchronization details

The following fields are synchronized between Maxio and HubSpot:

HubSpot deals to Maxio subscriptions

When creating deals in HubSpot, the following fields map to Maxio subscriptions:

Using multi-currency on HubSpot deals

For HubSpot deals, the “Currency” property is required to determine the deal’s currency. When creating a deal, users select the desired currency, and the integration ensures that pricing is presented in that currency in the product catalog, deal, and quotes.

Subscription preview and timeline events

The HubSpot deal record displays a timeline event for subscription previews, showing both the first and ongoing invoices. This helps sales reps see the initial and recurring charges, including taxes if applicable. Users must filter activities to display Maxio Integration Timeline Events in HubSpot.

Custom Pricing

Are you leveraging usage-based pricing in a sales-negotiated model? Allow reps to design custom usage rates and quotes directly from the HubSpot UI.

Availability and pricing

The Advanced Billing HubSpot integration is available for HubSpot Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans. It supports both test and production HubSpot accounts, allowing you to safely test the integration before going live.

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