Maxio + Avalara AvaTax integration

Save time and avoid confusion by automating sales tax calculations and filings. Maxio’s AvaTax integration allows you to quickly and accurately calculate sales tax to remain compliant with ever-changing tax laws.

Why integrate Avalara AvaTax with your Maxio account

Why integrate Avalara AvaTax with your Maxio account

The Maxio + Avalara AvaTax integration is bi-directional. Maxio syncs with your AvaTax account and passes Maxio Items to AvaTax and AvaTax passes your entity use codes to Maxio. Once synced, you can reference the AvaTax information for your Items from both the Item List and the individual Item Profiles within Maxio.

Once configured, AvaTax calculates the sales tax amount for each invoice based on a combination of the item tax code settings in AvaTax, the presence of any exemptions for the customer, and the physical location associated with the invoice.

Sales tax is typically calculated based on the location to which the service is delivered. Using this logic, AvaTax will attempt to use an invoice’s shipping address to assign tax values and will only use the billing address when there are no valid shipping addresses.

To get started using AvaTax with Maxio, contact Maxio Support and we will provide you with instructions for contacting AvaTax. You must first have an account set up with AvaTax in order to use the integration.

Once you’re live with AvaTax, it takes about 10 minutes to enable the integration in your Maxio account.

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