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Maxio + Avalara AvaTax integration

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Why integrate Avalara AvaTax with your Maxio account

Address Validation

As you create customers in Maxio, you can validate the business addresses using AvaTax (you can also validate your customers' addresses in bulk). The AvaTax calculation engine is the most accurate and up-to-date address validation engine available, so you will know that your records are accurate and your Sales Tax will be calculated correctly.

Automate Tax Calculations

With a validated address, AvaTax auto-calculates sales tax based on the local tax code for each invoice. Sales tax is calculated based on the jurisdiction at which the service is delivered. This can be either the shipping address or billing address. When committing sales tax, you’ll have the flexibility to choose between doing so manually or automatically in Maxio.

Accuracy Across all Applications

Maxio is designed to be your source of truth for revenue. All sales tax line items populated by AvaTax can be passed to your CRM or general ledger so you have accurate customer data across all applications.

How the Maxio + Avalara AvaTax integration works

Configure your Item syncs

The Maxio + Avalara AvaTax integration is bi-directional. Maxio syncs with your AvaTax account and passes Maxio Items to AvaTax and AvaTax passes your entity use codes to Maxio. Once synced, you can reference the AvaTax information for your Items from both the Item List and the individual Item Profiles within Maxio.

Getting started with the Maxio + Avalara AvaTax integration

To get started using AvaTax with Maxio, contact Maxio Support and we will provide you with instructions for contacting AvaTax. You must first have an account set up with AvaTax in order to use the integration.

Once you’re live with AvaTax, it takes about 10 minutes to enable the integration in your Maxio account.

Ready to automate sales tax compliance?