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Improve your order-to-cash workflow with NetSuite + Maxio

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We have two integration solutions to meet your needs

Leverage Maxio to improve your sales order processing and subscription management workflow, ingesting new orders from your CRM to generate complete customer and contract records, GAAP-revenues, invoices and reporting.

Or keep your subscription management process in your ERP and sync records into SaaSOptics for best-in-class subscription metrics and analytics, allowing you to automate critical subscription analytics, like churn, net retention, CLV, cohorts and MRR growth.

Which Integration is Right for You?

For Metrics and Analytics

Maxio's integration with NetSuite for analytics leverages a one-way sync with NetSuite, pulling the elements into Maxio that allow us to generate the subscription records that are filtered into our detailed metrics and analytics reporting.

You continue operating your subscription management workflow in NetSuite and use Maxio to get access to the trends, reporting, projections and dashboards you need to see in real-time, without having to export data and manage spreadsheets. After integrating Maxio into your NetSuite account, you can begin generating comprehensive reports in less than one hour.

Where a Maxio integration with NetSuite can help:

  • GAAP-compliant revenue recognition

  • Invoice scheduling and highly customizable e-invoicing

  • Milestone-based revenue and invoice management

  • Out-of-the-box subscription metrics and analytics

  • Accounts receivables and collections management

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