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Pipedrive Integration

Experience a smoother hand-off from sales to finance

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Connect SaaSOptics to Pipedrive

Maxio has a native integration with Pipedrive. Connecting Maxio allows you to send data from Pipedrive to Maxio so you don’t have to manually enter sales orders into Maxio.

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Map your fields

Map any important customer fields you want captured in Maxio such as customer name, billing address, and industry segment, as well as order fields such as items purchased, quantities, amounts, discounts, and any other custom field you wish to include.

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Sync your sales orders

Process your orders efficiently and integrate all of your data so you can have confidence that your sales records will always match your financial records.

Ready to tackle complex revenue recognition with ease?

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What are your biggest financial challenges?

Learn how Maxio can help streamline your financial operations, so you can maximize your revenue potential.