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Simplify commission calculations and accounting

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Create your compensation plan

Design custom comp plans tailored for specific sales representatives. You can set monthly quotas, quarterly bonuses, and spiffs that motivate your sales team to succeed. Easily manage and update plans for your entire organization based on relevant insights.

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Streamline commission calculation and payout

Once you have created your compensation plans, QuotaPath will handle the heavy-lifting of calculating commissions and ensuring your reps are paid on time without mistakes. Simply define payment rules and then export accurate earnings data to run payroll. 

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Automate GAAP/IFRS commission accounting

When paired with Expense Recognition by Maxio, your commissions data will seamlessly sync over to Maxio alongside your other Expenses. Then, you can quickly and accurately account for all of your expenses from a single system. Run reports to get a detailed view of your financials, iterate, and optimize.

Ready to retire your expense recognition spreadsheet?