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Stripe Integration

Be More Productive with Stripe + Maxio

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Why build it when Chargify has done the work for you?

Fast & Easy Setup

You can be up and running with Maxio in no time—no costly development required.

Recurring billing that adapts to your needs

Your billing software shouldn’t dictate your pricing. Maxio supports a variety of popular billing scenarios such as fixed-price, quantity-based, and metered usage.

Fine tune your billing scenario with configuration options that support trial periods, setup fees, billing expirations, taxes, coupons, calendar billing, and much more.

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Reduce churn with an effective dunning strategy

Don’t let at-risk accounts fade away. Refine your dunning strategy with customizable credit card expiration notices, card retry logic, and dunning emails to re-engage your customers prior to account cancellation.

One of our largest customers reduced the number of accounts canceled for non-payment by over 25% using Maxio’s out of the box tools. Are you ready for similar results for your company?

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Provide better customer support

With all your subscription data in one place, customer support time is greatly reduced. Your support team can quickly locate plan information and billing history, issue credits, process refunds, and make account changes.

Maxio’s Billing Portal provides your customers with self-service access to view and modify their account information such as update credit card, change plans, or cancel their subscription.

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Get clarity into business metrics that matter

Gain clear visibility into the health of your business through a variety of reports that help you understand revenue. Watch signups, upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations as they happen. Access subscription, revenue, churn, and customer lifetime value reports as a whole or broken down by product/plan.

Have more complex needs? Export your subscription and transaction history to CSV files that you can slice and dice any way you please.

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Scale your business

By design, Maxio was built to grow with your business. You can get started quickly with a variety of out of the box features that reduce development resources and implementation costs.

As your business needs grow, Maxio’s API allows for advanced, seamless integrations that can handle even the most complex needs. When you succeed, we succeed, and we’re here to help you along the way!

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We've been with Maxio since our launch, and they've grown and improved along with us. The available features and functionality that Maxio provides made it easy to switch to Stripe from our previous payment gateway. With our subscriptions and recurring billing running through Maxio, we are able to focus on our product and growing our business.

Anthony Eden, DNSimple


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Stripe + Maxio FAQ

I’m already using Stripe. Can I import my existing subscribers?

Of course! You can import existing subscriptions using one of two methods—our Subscriptions API or our CSV import tool.

Can I switch from another payment gateway to Stripe?

You wouldn’t be the first, and our support team can help assist you. Learn how DNSimple switched from Authorize.Net to Stripe.