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5 Myths of Market Sizing: Debunking Common TAM Misconceptions

Featuring: Randy Wootton, CJ Gustafson

Discover the Truth Behind Common Misconceptions about Market Sizing

Debunk market sizing myths that could skew your business strategy and investment choices. In this webinar, we tackled the misconceptions head-on and provide you with clear, actionable insights on accurately assessing your market's true potential.

This webinar is now available for CPE credit on Earmark.

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Myth 1: "A Big Market Guarantees Success"

We debunk the dangerous assumption that a large TAM guarantees your venture's success, highlighting why thorough market analysis matters more than size alone.

Myth 2: "Pre-Packaged TAM Figures Are Enough"

Discover why relying solely on third-party TAM estimates can lead your business astray. We'll show you the importance of diving deep into market specifics to form a defensible, actionable TAM.

Myth 3: "Stolen TAM Valor"

Claiming a slice of the market without directly competing or offering a new value proposition leads to unrealistic TAMs. We tackle the fallacies behind adjacent market sizes and the illusion of market share.

Myth 4: "TAM and SAM Are the Same"

Gain clarity on the distinction between Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Serviceable Available Market (SAM), and why understanding both is crucial for setting realistic goals and strategies.

Myth 5: "TAM Is Static"

If you think your TAM is set in stone, think again. We explore how market dynamics shift and why regular reassessment is key to staying relevant and competitive.

Cut through the myths and size your market accurately

Whether you're planning to raise funds, motivate your team, or capture a market leadership position, understanding the nuances of TAM is key. Let's demystify market sizing together and set the stage for informed decision-making and strategic growth.

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Randy Wootton
Randy Wootton
CEO, Maxio
CJ Gustafson
CJ Gustafson
CFO and Writer, Mostly Metrics

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