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SaaS Accounts Receivable

Your SaaS A/R Management Playbook

Finance and accounting

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Getting paid shouldn’t be a problem

In a brick and mortar store, you sell an item to a customer, and they pay you at the time of the transaction. Easy. But in B2B SaaS, sales-negotiated term subscriptions are the norm, which means sometimes getting paid is difficult.

In this guide, we’ll break down the different components of effective A/R management and show you how Maxio automates the entire process so you can get cash in the door faster.

What you’ll learn

  • Best practices for collections and dunning

  • How to measure the effectiveness of your collections processes

  • How to automate your A/R management process and get cash in the door faster

  • How to use Maxio to reduce A/R Aging and days sales outstanding (DSO)

Meet the expert

  • Clayton Whitfield

    Co-founder and SVP Revenue Programs, Maxio (previously SaaSOptics and Chargify)

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