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2024 SaaS Performance Metrics Benchmark Report

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Dive into comprehensive performance metrics from nearly 1,000 B2B SaaS companies. This year's report reveals important trends in decreasing revenue growth efficiency for 2023, analyzing metrics like the Blended CAC Ratio, New CAC Ratio, CAC Payback Period, and Net Revenue Retention. Learn how reduced Sales and Marketing expenses influenced overall growth rates

Why this report matters:

  • Data-driven benchmarks. Leverage reliable benchmarks derived from a significant collection of performance metrics, ensuring an accurate evaluation of your company's performance.

  • Customizable insights. Filter benchmarks by company size, annual contract value, go-to-market motion, pricing model, target customer segment, product category, and region for tailored insights.

  • Analyze revenue trends. Identify areas for improvement with detailed analyses of revenue growth efficiency trends in 2023.

  • Plan for future growth. Despite lower growth rates in 2023, the SaaS industry is poised for higher growth in 2024. Use this positive outlook to shape your future growth strategies.

  • Strategic recommendations. Apply these insights to your strategic planning for improved performance and more efficient revenue growth.

Don't miss out on the critical insights and strategies that will drive your company's efficient and sustainable growth.

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