Churn Guide

The Complete Guide to SaaS Churn

B2B SaaS success doesn’t come from deals you close—it comes from the deals you keep. In this complete guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about identifying and combating churn.

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Combat churn and increase profitability—here’s how

Losing a customer through churn before you’ve recouped the cost of acquisition can have a greater negative impact on your bottom line than not signing that customer at all. Learn how you can reduce churn and retain customers longer.

What you’ll learn

With our partners at GoCardless, we put together this complete guide to help you understand the different types of churn, the impact it has on your business, and how you can effectively reduce churn for good.

We’ll show you

  • The different types of churn (and what causes them in the first place)
  • Several methods for calculating and quantifying churn metrics
  • Actionable strategies to combat both voluntary and involuntary churn—now and in the future
  • Real-life tips and tricks from successful, seasoned SaaS leaders on reducing churn rates

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