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SaaS Playbook

Scaling During a Recession–Winning Strategies for SaaS Leaders

SaaS growth

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What’s in the guide?

Our panel of SaaS industry experts share their advice on the three key business areas to focus on during a downturn:

  1. Maximizing revenue

  2. Improving customer retention

  3. Maintaining financial integrity

We provide actionable strategies and tactics to keep all your teams aligned around a single goal: beating the market downturn.

What you’ll learn

  • Pricing strategies to maximize revenue despite reduced spending 

  • How to retain your users when churn is on the rise

  • How to extend your cash runway and reduce burn rates

  • Which financial metrics and KPIs you should be tracking 

  • Proven methods for protecting your most valuable financial asset: cash


Ready to achieve sustainable growth in today’s market?