Usage-based pricing benchmarks and best practices

Usage-based pricing is now an essential piece of modern SaaS monetization. How does it fit into a B2B GTM strategy?

We surveyed hundreds of SaaS leaders across the industry to find out.

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Usage-based pricing is changing B2B SaaS

In partnership with The SaaS CEO and RevOps Squared, we surveyed 490 SaaS professionals to better understand how usage-based pricing fits into a B2B SaaS monetization model. In this report, we share the data we gleaned along with commentary from SaaS across the industry.

What you’ll learn

  • Most popular usage-based strategies by GTM motion
  • How SaaS companies rate and invoice on usage
  • Best practices for implementing usage-based pricing in your SaaS

What is usage-based pricing?

Usage-based pricing is a subscription pricing strategy allowing users to pay for products based on their usage. In B2B SaaS, usage-based pricing is often used in conjunction with other pricing models (flat subscriptions, tiered pricing, custom pricing, etc.), creating a comprehensive pricing strategy to meet individual customers’ needs.

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