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Forecast-Ready SaaS Metrics

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Join us to learn why SaaS companies should forecast, and how Maxio customer, CFO, and finance consultant, Ben Murray (AKA The SaaS CFO) uses Maxio to produce quick and easy forecasts.

Ben has been a finance leader for the last 20 years and now helps lead as a fractional CFO for several SaaS companies. Take advantage of his forecasting experience to learn the best sources of data and general best practices when conducting a SaaS revenue forecast.

You'll learn:

  • The best "source of truth" data for forecasting SaaS revenue

  • How to nail your ARR/MRR waterfall inputs before forecasting

  • Ben Murray's best practices for forecasting

You'll get:

  • Free SaaS revenue forecasting template created by Ben Murray

  • A product demo of Maxio's reporting capabilities

  • A chance to win one of three free SaaS metric courses (a $149 value worth three CPE credits!)

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Meet the experts

Ben Murray
Ben Murray
Founder, The SaaS CFO
Andrea Wunderlich
Andrea Wunderlich
Director, Product Marketing, Maxio

Learn how Ben Murray, The SaaS CFO, uses his forecasting template with Maxio to create quick and easy SaaS revenue forecasts.