Webinar Recording

Should You Consider Revenue-Based Financing?

As the economy shifts and VC money becomes harder to come by, more SaaS businesses are exploring alternate funding options like revenue-based financing (RBF). But is it right for you?

Watch the webinar recording to find out.

Extend your cash runway and invest in growth

There’s a lot to consider when looking into financing options for your business: type of financing, providers, terms and payback periods—and simply when the time is right to access funding through debt, equity, or alternative financing.

To help you through this process, Maxio has partnered with Capchase to discuss revenue-based financing: what it is, when it’s a good fit, and how recurring-revenue businesses are taking advantage of this “new” capital option.


Maria Pereda
Director of Partnerships, Capchase
Przemek Gotfryd
Co-founder and COO, Capchase
Clayton Whitfield
SVP Revenue Programs, Maxio
Lance Ullom
CEO, Blue Triangle Technologies

On this webinar, you’ll

  • Learn more about revenue-based financing and why it may be a good fit for your business
  • Understand when you should consider revenue-based financing in the current environment vs other forms of financing
  • Hear from a customer as they share their experience sourcing capital and the process for determining why revenue-based financing was the right choice for them
  • See how Maxio and Capchase work together to streamline the process, from application to receiving an offer