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Revenue Churn

At the highest levels in the organization (CEO and CFO), there are two revenue churn measurements that are typically important.

  1. Churn from lost/canceled customers – typically reported as the value of the term or contract had it renewed

  2. Churn from downgrades – typically reported as the net decrease in the value of the term or contract had it renewed at the previous term rate

As you move down and/or into other business units or functions, it is common to report churn at a more detailed level. For example, the sales team is frequently not held accountable nor given relief for cancellations due to bankruptcy and mergers, so you will often see this metric from lost/canceled customers broken down by reason codes.

Your Plug-and-Play SaaS Metrics Dashboard

In this template, you’ll find a comprehensive set of pre-built SaaS metrics (that you can trust) to wow investors and make key business decisions with confidence.

Chart your path to profitability with metrics like:

  • Subscription Momentum (ARR, customer count, average ARR)

  • Churn & Retention (churn rate, renewal rate, net revenue retention)

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

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