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Billing and Financial Operations for B2B SaaS

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Simplify your order-to-cash process

The Maxio platform offers you a one-stop solution for optimizing your financial operations workflow. Billing and collections, centralized reporting, and 2-way integrations with popular CRMs and GLs enable you to power your business, from startup to scale up.

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Subscription billing you won't outgrow

Take the headaches out of managing your SaaS billing model. Maxio empowers you to create a customized pricing strategy without cluttering your product catalog. Changes and updates are easy to make as your strategy evolves alongside your growing business.

  • Gain full control your product catalog—no devs required

  • Leverage sales-led, product-led, and hybrid GTM models

  • Integrate with Maxio Payments for an automated workflow, from invoice to deposit

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Subscription management for any GTM model

Whether your customers enjoy self-service offerings or prefer custom contracts, managing subscriptions is a breeze.

  • Streamline customer onboarding, renewals, and expansion

  • Keep customers' billing, payment, and financial information in one place, so your team is always on the same page

  • Manage subscriptions in your preferred applications with Maxio's native integrations

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Revenue recognition that just works

Streamline your order-to-cash workflow, automate ASC-606 and IFRS-15 compliance, and understand what's happening in your business with the click of a button.

  • Stay compliant by applying your revenue policy automatically, consistently, and accurately across your entire customer base

  • Drill down into customer records, invoices, transactions to uncover the financial information behind your GL journal entries

  • Speed up your end-of-month by generating financial reports with a single click

Custom Dashboard

Investor-grade SaaS metrics and reporting

Maxio sits at the heart of your tech stack. Seamless integrations with your various financial systems enables you to leverage all your billing and customer data to uncover insights you can't get anywhere else.

  • Pinpoint the drivers of expansion and contraction across your business

  • Enrich your SaaS metrics reporting with details like cohort, industry, ICP scores, and more

  • Provision custom dashboards with always up-to-date metrics to keep your stakeholders in the know

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Integrate with your critical systems

Connect industry-leading apps like Hubspot, Xero, Netsuite, and more to automate your entire order-to-cash process.

  • We instantly realized how Maxio would be helpful to us. It’s the ease of access. Everything’s there and you’re confident in the numbers. I would definitely look at Maxio because they're able to streamline anything you're doing in Excel into one simple application right now.

    Taylor McPherson, Adeptia

    Business Operations Specialist

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  • With Maxio, we are able to test different pricing models just by talking to customers and proposing different plans. We could see what made sense, what was too high, what was too cheap, and what really resonated with our customers.

    Bethany Stachenfeld, Sendspark

    Co-founder and CEO

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  • Ever since implementing Maxio, our ability to collect on outstanding invoices has improved significantly. The amount of time it takes has dropped, and it saves our collections team so much time, energy, and stress.

    Gabrielle Lucero, Limble Solutions, Inc.

    Revenue Manager

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  • Before Maxio, we spent a lot of time checking and reconciling. Now we copy the numbers straight out of Maxio into our revenue recognition journal. It probably takes two minutes instead of a full day.

    Craig Humphrey, Arctic Shores (UK)

    VP of Finance and Operations

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    Why Maxio?

    As SaaS companies grow, their billing and financial operations naturally become more complex. Most billing systems can't handle the needs of a scaling B2B SaaS business.

    Billing becomes the bottleneck, keeping you from:

    • Getting your next round of funding

    • Handling a growing customer base

    • Expanding into new markets

    • Employing new, complex pricing strategies

    You need is a financial operations system that scales with you. Get a demo to learn how Maxio removes your scale-up bottleneck.

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    Explore the #1 billing and finance platform for B2B SaaS

    Get a customized demo to see how Maxio will help you:

    • Streamline your order-to-cash process

    • Reduce churn and stop revenue leakage

    • Get cash in the door faster

    • Drive strategic decisions with real-time SaaS metrics and analytics

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    The 2023 SaaS Growth Index

    We’ve analyzed the billing data of over 2,100 B2B SaaS companies between 2022 and 2023 and have presented key insights, including growth rates of businesses based on billing type, where some of the fastest growing companies are located, and the bar for raising your successive round of investment.