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Delayed Referral Credits To Accommodate Free Plans & Trials

Last year we released a referral feature that has helped hundreds of Maxio merchants drive thousands of new signups.

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Adam Feber

August 23, 2016

Last year we released a referral feature that has helped hundreds of Maxio merchants drive thousands of new signups. While the feature has been well received, there was an important use case that was not originally supported, until today – delayed referral credits…

Delayed referral credits have been added to support merchants that offer free plans or free trials. As a quick recap, when the referral feature is enabled, you can give customers a unique referral code that will:

  • Incentivize:


    Provide a discount to anyone signing up through the referral code such as 10% off for 6 months.

  • Reward:


    Provide an account credit for the referrer such as a $25 credit for any new signups.

  • Track:


    View all historical referral traffic by the referrer, the recipient (new customer), referral code, and sign up date.

For merchants that offer a free plan or free trial, you can now choose to delay the reward until the referrer actually makes a payment, i.e. they upgrade from a free plan to a paid plan or convert from the free trial. This prevents gamification by only rewarding referrers for real, active,  paying referrals.

If the lack of this setting has prevented you from using the referral feature, or you simply didn’t know it was available, check it out under the Setup tab of your Maxio Site. The new settings under the Credit section will allow you to define whether the referral credit is immediate or delayed until first payment:


For more information on configuring and using Maxio’s referrals feature, check out our Referrals Documentation.

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