How Maxio Helps You Manage a Flexible GTM Strategy

The SaaS market is no longer split between product-led and sales-led strategies. Today buyers want options.

Abigail Hartnett

Abigail Hartnett

May 23, 2022

The SaaS market is no longer split between product-led and sales-led strategies. Today buyers want options; they want to pay for services in the way that suits their business needs. And if you don’t provide the right pricing and packaging model for them, your competitors will.

We know how difficult it is to transition from product-led or sales-led to a hybrid model, not to mention maintaining such a flexible go-to-market strategy. In the past, SaaS companies have been forced to choose:

  • Prioritize financial operations, resulting in a lack of acquisition and pricing model flexibility
  • Or prioritize a billing solution, which could limit their financial visibility and the ability to close their books quickly. 

But you shouldn’t have to choose between flexibility and your finance team’s sanity. You need a billing and financial operations system that enables your team to pursue new market opportunities when they present themselves. 

As Chargify and SaaSOptics transition to Maxio, we’re bringing together the best of each platform together to do just that.

Our Vision for Maxio

SaaSOptics and Chargify (becoming Maxio) are removing the limits. 

Historically, Chargify has been the leader in billing and subscription management for B2B SaaS. Specializing in complex usage and multi-attribute billing, payment collections, and business analytics, Chargify empowers businesses with the tools they need for sustainable growth.

SaaSOptics specializes in automating the financial operations of B2B SaaS companies by streamlining the order-to-revenue process. Through automated revenue recognition, comprehensive A/R management, and detailed financial metrics, SaaSOptics provides companies with the tools they need to maximize revenue.

We’re combining the strength of these two complimentary platforms to create a subscription and revenue management platform that helps SaaS businesses offer flexible pricing and packaging—without the financial headaches.

Together, SaaSOptics and Chargify offer the full spectrum of subscription management and financial operations for all SaaS business models. No matter how complex your business’s billing requirements are, SaaSOptics and Chargify can handle it all, from rating and invoicing to reporting and analysis. 

Everything You Need to Manage the Quote-to-Revenue Process


With native integrations to Hubspot and Salesforce, as well as robust API integrations for other systems, your sales and revenue teams are enabled to work in the system that works for them. Automatic data syncs keep all relevant billing and customer data up-to-date (which means keeping all your other financial data up-to-date too—keep reading). 

Billing and Subscription Management

The ability to configure your product catalog to your needs gives your team the ability to quickly and simply manage complex billing and pricing scenarios, offer discounts and coupons, create custom contracts, and even test out new pricing scenarios before rolling them out to the market. 


You also have the ability to manage payments in the way that’s best for your clients: self-service sign up, credit card/ACH support, and integrations with all the major payment gateways give you the flexibility to design payment collections around your customer.

The native integration between Chargify and SaaSOptics ensures your billing and customer information automatically syncs across both platforms—making for a smooth hand-off from sales to finance.


No more worrying about complicated tax codes—this is natively handled for you, making tax calculations swift and accurate.

Financial Operations (Revenue and Expense Recognition, FP&A, and General Ledger)

Gone are the days of broken formulas and manual processes. SaaSOptics and Chargify (becoming Maxio) replace all of your fragile spreadsheets, taking on the load of handling the complex revenue and expense recognition processes while maintaining GAAP and IFRS-15 compliance.

Your finance team will no longer have to pull all-nighters to close the books on time or spend hours tracking down reporting errors during audits or due diligence processes. SaaSOptics integrates with your preferred GL to allow your team to confidently close the books in hours.

Metrics and Reporting

They say time kills all deals. Fortunately, that’s not something you need to worry about. We have the best tool on the market for pulling complex financial reports in seconds (not hours). Whether your investors want to see unexpected cohort reports or CAC payback calculations, your team can immediately deliver the necessary reports the way your investors want them, keeping the due diligence process smooth and setting your company apart.

Chargify and SaaSOptics (becoming Maxio) streamline your entire order-to-revenue process, enabling you to price and package the way you want while maintaining quick, compliant financial reporting, uniting your teams around a single strategy.

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