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Introducing The New & Improved Maxio Zendesk Integration

Two years ago, Maxio customer Earth Class Mail built a useful Maxio Zendesk integration and made it open source for others to improve and benefit from.

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Adam Feber

August 22, 2018

Two years ago, Maxio customer Earth Class Mail built an extremely useful Maxio Zendesk integration and made it open source for others to improve and benefit from. We heard lots of great feedback, and since we are also Maxio and Zendesk users, we even used it internally within our own support workflows. Unfortunately, the initial integration was built on Zendesk’s v1 Apps Framework which was deprecated a year after the integration was introduced.

Recently, the Maxio team took ownership of the integration and migrated it to Zendesk’s v2 Apps Framework. We’re happy to announce its availability along with a list of improvements that make it easier to install and use!

If you’re itching to install it vs. read about how it works and what’s new, go ahead and click here to get started.

Before digging into the updates, it’s important to note how this integration can help your team if you use both Maxio and Zendesk. Support teams require quick access to subscription-related information when viewing and responding to support tickets. Questions such as: What plan is this customer on? When is there subscription set to renew? What payment method is on file? And many more…

While opening a new tab and searching for a customer inside of Maxio may only take a minute or two, these minutes add up to hours when handling dozens, or even hundreds, of support tickets each week.

This integration displays key subscription information from Maxio alongside Zendesk support tickets, eliminating the need to switch between the two apps. Removing this extra step reduces response times and provides faster, better support for your end-customers.

What’s New

The most notable improvement is that the updated integration is in Zendesk’s App Marketplace and available for all Zendesk users. Previously, you had to download a package and manually install a “private app.” Not only was this option only available for higher tiered plans, but it required reinstallation to receive updated versions. Now you can simply click install from the App Marketplace, no matter what plan you are on, and benefit from any real-time updates that may get pushed out.


Once installed and configured, the integration will display key customer, subscription, and payment information alongside your Zendesk tickets by matching the ticket submitters email address with any matching records from within Maxio.

We have improved the user interface to make the displayed information easier to consume and digest with auto-expanding and collapsing records based on the number of customers or subscriptions that are located.


We also added ACH and PayPal payment profiles so you can quickly see what payment information is on file, outside of the traditional credit or debit card.


Both the Customer ID and Subscription ID are hyperlinked to take support staff directly to the appropriate Maxio record. This is helpful when they need to view historical subscription information or take action like change a plan, apply a discount, or process a refund.

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