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Streamline Your Order to Cash Process with Maxio + HubSpot

Maxio and Hubspot work together to keep sales and finance teams connected and streamline the order-to-cash process.

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Team Maxio

February 15, 2023

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B2B SaaS and subscription billing cycles are complex (to say the least).

Unlike one-time purchases, the complexities of subscription billing can quickly create bottlenecks if you don’t have the right controls in place to ensure a seamless handoff from your sales and finance teams.

Too often, new customers get off to a rocky start if their billing experience isn’t up to par. Delays, billing issues, and data discrepancies all impact the customer experience for the worst. Without a billing and financial operations platform in place, finance and billing teams can’t coordinate with sales reps throughout the order-to-cash process (account management, order fulfillment, billing, and accounts receivables)

However, with integrated platforms like Maxio and HubSpot, your Sales, Finance, and Billing teams can all access the same data, so they can stay aligned and provide a better customer experience — from the initial quote to final billing. 

Hubspot x Maxio

3 Ways to Use Maxio and HubSpot 

1. Ensure every deal is billed correctly and on time

By using Maxio to manage contracts, billing, collections, and reporting, finance teams can save hours of time spent on manual processes and reduce billing errors. There’s no more need for messy spreadsheets and manual data entry — with the Maxio and Hubspot integration, your team can access a customer’s entire financial history within the friendly HubSpot UI. Timeline Events within HubSpot are updated in real-time, so sales and finance teams never miss a beat on what’s going on with a customer’s subscriptions. 

Connecting Maxio + HubSpot also improves accuracy throughout your sales-to-finance handoff, ensuring new sales orders and renewals never slip through the cracks. Every action taken by the sales team within HubSpot will be reflected automatically in Maxio, so finance teams will never be left waiting for the information they need to start billing new customers. This also ensures that every billed amount is always correct, down to the penny.

2. Close the books faster 

Using Maxio with HubSpot allows SaaS companies to reduce bottlenecks and speed up month-end close, bringing in cash sooner. Because sales teams and finance departments won’t have to manually enter newly-sold subscription information into their billing system to close or renew a deal, customer information is always accurate, and invoices go out on time, every time. 

With the Maxio + HubSpot integration, sales orders are automatically pushed to Maxio when a deal closes in HubSpot. From there, billing schedules and associated revenue waterfalls are generated, and then Maxio automatically generates a consolidated journal entry for you, which you can sync to your general ledger. Whether you’re working in Maxio or HubSpot, you’ll always have access to a single source of truth for your subscription and billing data.

3. Use customer cohort metrics to improve your marketing efforts

Connecting Maxio and HubSpot also provides multiple benefits for your marketing team. 

Through the integration, your marketing team can leverage the bi-directional data synced and maintained in HubSpot to segment/filter customers and prospects — whether they want to create lists based on subscription activity, plans, interests, and more. Marketing teams can then use this data to improve targeting for all their campaigns, like email newsletters and nurtures, social media ads, and more.

For example, when planning email nurtures, you could create hyper-targeted nurtures for various customer groups based on the data imported from Maxio that shows exactly which products they’re using and how much they spend each month. These efforts will likely lead to better open rates on marketing emails and higher conversions from prospects to customers.

Maxio and Hubspot Simplify the Sales-to-Finance Handoff

Maxio is a complete financial operations platform that simplifies the order-to-cash process and provides deep financial and SaaS metrics reporting capabilities. HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM system that powers all sales, marketing, and customer care efforts by collecting and organizing all prospect and customer data in one place. 

Learn more about how Maxio and HubSpot integrate to improve accuracy between your Sales, Finance, and Billing teams.

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