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Financial Reporting

Achieve and maintain GAAP/IFRS compliance with ease

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Sync your CRM and GL to Maxio

Maxio generates financial records from your signed customer agreements. You can do this manually or by integrating your CRM and GL. Whether or not you leverage our CRM integrations, Maxio makes it easy to process new orders.

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Run your first financial report

Maxio allows you to pull reports on revenue, deferred revenue, invoicing, accounts receivable, and more. Retire your spreadsheets and rest assured that your financial reporting is being done correctly, every single time.

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Quickly identify discrepancies

Maxio performs automated checks on each piece of data entered into the system to surface any potential errors or issues. Don’t wait until you’re mid-audit; catch mistakes before your auditor does.

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See for yourself how GAAP compliance has never been this easy