Offer Management

Deliver the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time

Instant personalized offers within minutes

The one-offer-fits-all mentality doesn’t enable personalized customer relationships or scale. You need 1:1:1 billing, where one customer receives one offer with one unique price that changes over time. Within minutes, Rapid Offer Builder™ lets you turn your product catalog into differentiated offers that separate you from your competition, maximize customer acquisition, and retain revenue longer.

Monetize your offer portfolio

Mix and match pricing models to align your pricing strategy with how customers consume and extract value from your products.

  • Configure frequencies: Bill annually, quarterly, monthly, or define custom periods
  • Customize triggers: Offer free trials, collect setup fees, charge for overages, and more
  • Package your offers: Upsell customers with add-ons or bundle offers at discounted rates
  • Scale your pricing: Offer price breaks through tiered, volume-based, and stair-stepped pricing schemes

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Make your pricing strategic

One-price-fits-all offers leave money on the table. Maxio provides the flexibility to customize pricing and test price elasticity without impacting existing offers or legacy customers.

  • Custom Pricing: Get one-to-one with potential and existing customers with personalized pricing.
  • Price Experiments: Find the optimal combination of packaging and price by spinning up tests in hours, not weeks or months.
  • Segmented Pricing: Set differentiated pricing for different customer segments based on value.
  • Price Changes: Effortlessly manage large-scale price changes and migrations with product versioning.

Drive acquisition and retention with targeted promotions

Create coupons and discounts to drive new acquisition and retain existing customers. We provide the control that marketing and sales teams need to be successful.

Choose the type

Choose whether your promotion is percentage-based or a fixed-dollar amount.

Choose the timing

Apply promotions at sign up, for a fixed period, or for the duration of a relationship.

Choose the logic

Decide if credits can apply to future charges when greater than the total due.

Choose the limits

Set expirations dates and define the number of times a promotion can be applied.

Choose the product

Eliminate misuse and gamification by restricting promotions to specific products.

Choose to stack

Define what promotions can be combined to create stacked promotions.

Gather insights into the offers driving the customer relationship

Offer-level reporting gives you visibility into how every element in your product catalog contributes to MRR and usage growth.

  • Granular MRR & Usage Reporting: Get a detailed view of growth by isolating offers and the underlying products and components.
  • Monitor Experiments: Compare the performance of different offers being tested.
  • Track Upgrades/Downgrades: MRR Switch shows how revenue flows between offers.

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Automate sales commission calculations

Associate revenue to reps for real-time, error-free insights that automate the most labor-intensive step of calculating sales commission programs where revenue events are rewarded.

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