Bring Your Own Avalara Account Integration

In 2014, we released an automated tax calculator powered by Avalara AvaTax behind the scenes.

Adam Feber

Adam Feber

August 30, 2018

Bring Your Own Avalara Account Integration

In 2014, we released an automated tax calculator powered by Avalara AvaTax behind the scenes. Hundreds of customers have benefited from this feature that doesn’t require bringing your own Avalara account—it’s a managed service available at no additional cost.

But some businesses have complex sales tax calculation, compliance, reporting, and filing needs outside of what the managed service could provide. To solve this, we’ve partnered again with Avalara to launch an AvaTax integration that has been certified by their world-class team of tax experts.

The managed service will still exist as an option, but the new integration lets you plug your own Avalara AvaTax account into Maxio for more granular control over automating tax logic. It also opens the door to Avalara’s suite of add-on products and services to help streamline time-intensive tax workflows.

Granular Control Over Defining Tax Jurisdictions

Every business has different tax needs based on what they are selling and where they are located. For some, tax logic is pretty straightforward, but for others, it’s neither simple to understand nor easy to configure.

For example, many businesses located in Colorado are required to comply with “home rule” tax laws which require some uber-complex tax logic. So complex that Colorado’s home rule laws have been called the “United State’s most complicated tax rules.”

Without getting into too much detail (you can learn more about home rule laws here), the new integration supports global tax jurisdictions with granular control of tax logic down to the region, state, and city level—and even more granular in cases such as Colorado’s home rule laws.

The new Maxio integration with Avalara has lifted a huge burden off our company’s shoulders. Now our sales tax compliance can be fully automated and scale with us as we continue to grow.

Clint Jackson, VP of Finance, BombBomb

Leveraging The Avalara Suite

Running your taxes through the new integration also opens the door to Avalara’s tightly integrated suite of products and services beyond sales tax calculations through AvaTax. For example, Avalara Returns “prepares and files your sales and use tax returns with a higher degree of accuracy than doing it yourself – and in a fraction of the time.”

If you ever decide to outsource time-intensive tax workflows, you will have instant access to the world’s leading provider of cloud-based tax compliance.   

Getting Started

You’ll need to have your own Avalara AvaTax account to take advantage of the new integration. If you do not have a preexisting account, visit Avalara’s site to get started.


Learn how to link your Avalara account to Maxio and configure the integration in our help documentation.

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  • Exploring Maxio?Set up a call with one of our Billing Experts to discuss your subscription billing needs, including any questions you have about tax automation and compliance.

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