Best of Breed B2B SaaS Companies: Why Salesforce Integrations Make or Break Success

With more than 150,000 customers and 88% of Fortune 100 companies using Salesforce, top businesses around the world use Salesforce as their CRM service.

Team Maxio

Team Maxio

July 31, 2020

Salesforce is one of the biggest business buzzwords around. With more than 150,000 customers and 88% of Fortune 100 companies using Salesforce, top businesses around the world use Salesforce as their customer relationship management (CRM) service. B2B SaaS companies that offer seamless integrations are often best of breed, putting time and effort into keeping their customers needs front of mind. These integrations can be crucial in saving businesses time and money, leading to growth and the freedom to focus on their own customers.

“Enterprises now look to the CRM function to create a 360-degree customer view, but this requires a level of integration and organizational change that few enterprises have been able to achieve thus far,” Yugal Joshi, Vice President of Everest Group said. “With changing enterprise expectations and the evolving Salesforce tech landscape, Salesforce service providers can play a critical role in helping enterprises derive maximum business benefit from the platform.”

With this focus comes extremely high expectations for Salesforce integrations, especially when it comes to billing systems. Data is essential for managing their pipeline and billing their customers, thus resulting in a major part of a business’s success. Customers are looking for flexibility and functionality in an integration, an effortless installation and a seamless transition for their teams.

So knowing B2B SaaS companies need the best of breed in both a CRM and billing system, what is the best route to go? Building an integration from the ground up is not only a time consuming process, but it can be extremely costly. This complex process will require many high performing individuals specialized in this line of work. Taking all of that into account, finding a billing solution that has a Salesforce integration is the way to go and the most cost effective as well. This allows companies to focus on their business while the business application handles integration maintenance and costs.

Selecting a best of breed billing system that has a Salesforce integration, turns what was once a manual process involving heavy data transformation into a streamlined, automatic, 2 way movement of data.. This allows the systems to communicate and synchronize data properly. B2B SaaS companies can then clearly understand the revenue being brought in, as well as know how much is being billed to which customers, and the collection date. Some of the biggest benefits to a billing system integrated with Salesforce include:

  • Complete picture of account and revenue and single source of truth for product usage, payment data, opportunities, invoices, and accounts
  • Ability to forecast at a high level and identify new opportunities
  • Real-time revenue results, revenue metrics available as invoices and activity is available in Salesforce
  • Automated revenue generation, captured efficiently as soon as deals start generating revenue
  • All in one place for entire organization to manage subscriptions and billing, including sales team, customer support, and administrative workers

When looking for ways to streamline processes, a billing solution that easily integrates with Salesforce should be a top priority. B2B SaaS companies that prioritize these integrations are focused on innovation and keeping their customers ahead of the curve.

At Maxio, our Salesforce integration is ever evolving to help businesses seamlessly integrate data efficiently into their products and for far less money than they would have spent trying to do it all on their own. Our new V3 Salesforce integration can steamline Salesforce workflows by allowing for more flexibility around Customer and Subscription creation In Salesforce.

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