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Maxio Releases Next Generation Integration with Salesforce (v3)!

Because Maxio is a B2B SaaS organization, we understand just how crucial your Salesforce environment is to keep your business moving.

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Team Maxio

October 29, 2020

At Maxio, we focus on building the best billing platform for B2B SaaS. Because we ourselves are a B2B SaaS organization, we understand just how crucial your Salesforce environment is to keep your business moving. Salesforce is the lifeline between your customers and your business.

Now imagine for a moment that your billing system was seamlessly integrated with Salesforce. Finally, your customer-facing teams would have one place to sell, modify, upsell, and down sell your customers’ subscriptions. And, your billing data would sync automatically into your Salesforce environment, giving you complete peace of mind on data hygiene and overall integrity.

Introducing Charigfy’s next generation integration with Salesforce (v3)! We built our native Salesforce integration specifically for B2B SaaS, driven forward by customer feedback (with many of our customers even volunteering as beta testers). Our product and development teams worked closely with our customers to meet their use cases and streamline their B2B SaaS operations.

Maxio’s next generation integration with Salesforce is engineered with the utmost flexibility, giving you everything you need to ensure your customer-facing teams can quit the swivel chair movement between systems and focus on what they do best: serving your prospects and existing client base.

Maxio + Salesforce = Increased Efficiency Across Multiple Departments

B2B SaaS companies need to gain maximum efficiency if they want to grow their business, allowing them to take advantage of economies of scale. Integrating your platforms is one way to achieve that efficiency.


The latest integration with Maxio and Salesforce provides your sales team with everything they need to sell and manage customer subscriptions—no need to involve billing and finance to create customer offers. Maxio automatically syncs your product catalog to Salesforce so your sales team always sees the most up-to-date pricing and offers available. When selling a new subscription or modifying an existing one, you can now:

  • Sell a subscription simply by creating a new opportunity record

  • Leverage an existing opportunity to sell a new subscription

  • Upgrade an existing subscription to an opportunity to modify the subscription (upsell/down sell/add more components, offers, discounts, etc.)

This powerful functionality allows you to decide how your sales and CSM teams sell to prospects and customers. The best part? Once you sell a subscription in Salesforce, this automatically activates the subscription in Maxio.

Customer Service

But it’s not just your sales team who benefits. Your support teams also get access to real-time customer data through Maxio’s sync to Salesforce. This means support teams no longer have to depend on your billing or finance departments to answer basic customer questions, like “why has this customer’s payment failed?” This will dramatically decrease your resolution time on open customer support tickets.

Billing & Finance

Finally, this next generation integration also serves up exciting feature functionality for your billing and finance departments. These teams now have the option to create custom workflows that route sales deals for approval and review. Plus, the fact that the same data is now automatically synced between Maxio and Salesforce will provide much needed relief as Salesforce can now act as one source of truth for reporting and analytics. No more duplicates or mismatched customer data when reconciling accounts at the end of the month.

So what does this boil down to?

Being able to manage your recurring revenue business directly in Salesforce allows for multiple sales-driven and customer support activities to take place in a single system, eliminating the need for teams to learn new applications (like your recurring management billing platform). In addition, stakeholders can now depend on Salesforce as a “source of truth” due to real-time data syncs with Maxio. Maxio’s next generation integration with Salesforce means streamlining your sales process and empowering your sales, CSM, support, and other stakeholders with the data they need to get the job done in one system.

Interested in optimizing the way you use billing and Salesforce? Talk to a B2B SaaS Expert at Maxio to learn how we can help you streamline your billing operations. Maxio offers the only billing solution built for B2B SaaS businesses, and we are ready to show you just how much we can do for you.

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