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Business Intelligence Transformed this Australian Legal Service’s Internal Operations

Gone are the days of cumbersome data analysis for Lawpath, Australia’s leading online legal platform.

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Team Maxio

June 27, 2021

Gone are the days of cumbersome data analysis for Lawpath, Australia’s leading online legal platform.

Lawpath is a subscription service that provides easy-access legal solutions to Australian businesses and individuals. But with hundreds of new customers signing up daily, they weren’t able to easily keep track of the flood of subscription data coming in. Analyzing and responding to customer insights was a real challenge. That is, until Maxio Business Intelligence.

With their new single-source data capabilities, Lawpath can now easily share dashboards, run complex queries, and compile reliable metrics for their executive team. Instead of taking days to manually prepare Excel data sheets from multiple systems, Lawpath team members access and deliver customized analytics in moments.

Lawpath is still growing, but now they’re able to keep their eyes on the future, developing new strategies instead of spending precious hours wrangling data. Keep reading to learn how they did it.


Lawpath is an Australian B2B SaaS business that uses “technology to offer a new type of legal platform, one that can provide quality legal solutions for a fraction of the time, cost, and complexity of the traditional system,” says co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Tom Willis.

Founded seven years ago, Lawpath has worked with nearly 200,000 businesses and saved them an estimated $100 million in traditional legal fees.

Instead of wading through the legal uncertainties, piles of paperwork, and expensive business lawyers, start-ups turn to Lawpath. The subscription service includes easy step-by-step guidance, reasonable rates, and access to a network of over 1,000 lawyers across Australia. Lawpath cuts through all the legalese and provides customers with every legal service and document they need to launch their businesses successfully.

The company continues to grow rapidly, typically gaining 350 to 400 new users every day.

For most of their history, Lawpath has collected customer data through a host of billing, marketing, and subscription management sources. The result was constant information overload for their analytics team. Every month, they struggled to extract data from each system to inform the next month’s decisions. Anytime a manager wanted to explore a different measure of performance, the team had to piece together new metrics manually.

Often, by the time they had the right information in their hands, it was too late to implement their insights for the next month’s plan.

All this changed when Lawpath became an early-access user of Maxio Business Intelligence, which enabled them to consolidate their incoming data streams into a single system that they could easily query through custom dashboards.

From the moment they implemented the new Business Intelligence features, Tom’s team has saved days out of each month by being able to quickly run precise queries. “[Maxio BI is] a significant improvement for us because we’ve got the clear source of data that we need,” Tom says. “It’s provided us with such a clarity of how many people that we have coming in within the month, how many subscribers, upgrades and downgrades, and everything else in between.” He couldn’t keep the grin off his face. “It’s solved a lot of headaches for us.”

Too Much Data, Too Little Time

Seven years ago when Lawpath first launched, they focused on individual transactions and one-off payments. But the founders soon realized that Australian businesses needed more than a one-time service; they needed easy access to affordable, recurring legal help.

Back in the early days of the business, Lawpath was originally attracted by Maxio’s compatibility with their existing payment gateway, Stripe. They began using Maxio’s subscription management system to transition away from their original one-time transaction model. Having a reliable subscription billing platform allowed Lawpath to fully develop their service and grow into the high-volume B2B company they are today.

As Lawpath scaled in response to subscription growth, they struggled to visualize the constant fluctuations in subscription data: new subscribers, recurring subscribers, customers leaving, those upgrading or downgrading tiers, and more.

CMO Tom Willis explained how challenging it was to answer performance questions for the month or the quarter without a single source of truth.

“We’d spend a great deal of time going through the data… and by the time that we had those answers, we’d missed a lot of that opportunity to then execute it and take advantage of what we knew we needed to do.”

The sales and operations teams spent countless hours every month compiling data from multiple systems to calculate traditional SaaS metrics like LTV, average revenue per user, and acquisition costs. However, Lawpath management often asked for additional last-minute insights such as plan performance or new vs. recurring subscribers. When new questions would arise just days before a monthly strategy meeting, analysts had to start from scratch to find, export, and interpret the new information. It was a vicious cycle of inefficiency and frustration.

Fast, Reliable Answers

Lawpath’s workflow drastically shifted when they received early access to Maxio’s new Business Intelligence analytics suite.

Using BI’s drag-and-drop custom dashboard feature, they created a few saved queries that immediately fueled better, faster decisions about their product tiers and pricing.

“You can query data using a very intuitive UI that lets you select how you want to run queries,” Tom explains. “It’s allowed us to be able to quickly get answers to questions that we have.”

Now, instead of taking days to gather data on the impact of a new strategy, it takes a few clicks.

Tom repeatedly emphasized the invaluable impact of having all their data stream into one source. Maxio Business Intelligence replaced all the other data collection tools in Lawpath’s arsenal, saving them time, energy, and the cost of multiple tool subscriptions.

The Results of Instant Data

As CMO, Tom had a front-row seat to the impact of a consolidated analytics system, including:

  • Days out of every month saved (previously spent consolidating and overlaying data from separate systems)

  • Access to “slice and dice data as we see fit,” witheasy-to-create customer queries

  • Empowered teams and easy employee onboarding with intuitive, personalized dashboards

  • Executive access to the big-picture view of performance and key metrics

  • Shareable dashboards with public urls for presenting data to investors and other stakeholders

Today, Lawpath has quick access to performance information, customer data, the results of pricing strategies, and other data that impacts every decision in their company. Decisions no longer have to wait on complicated data extractions. Now, Lawpath can confidently answer questions and adjust strategies in real time as data streams in.

Maxio Business Intelligence was a Hit with the Whole Team

In our conversation, Tom quickly listed off the host of benefits that Lawpath now enjoys as a result of consolidating their business analytics with Maxio Business Intelligence. He emphasized several office anecdotes that illustrate the genuine excitement he feels about their new data access.

One of his favorite features is the ability to showcase and communicate data to Lawpath teams. The Lawpath office has TV screens hooked up to display real-time performance metrics. This way, team members, partners, investors, and other guests can share in the excitement, Tom shared. “Everyone has daily, real-time access to how things are performing.”

He also told the story of the Lawpath account team’s recent end-of-month review. In the past, double checking transactions was a tedious, complicated process. With Maxio BI, their last monthly accounts review was the quickest it had ever been. Tom prepped the accounts team by sending them dashboards in advance, and in the meeting they were able to rapidly cross-check transaction records with Charfigy’s data stream.

Why You Need Single-Source Data

In the rapidly-changing B2B SaaS market, businesses often deal with large numbers of subscriptions, management of multiple product tiers, pricing dilemmas, and other complex data situations. Like Lawpath, they generate thousands of individual data points—often collected by four or five different subscription services. Insights are confusing at best and misleading at worst.

Running a business is enough work without worrying if your analytics are correct.

Every B2B SaaS business needs to be able to easily retrieve its data and trust it to make decisions—a feat that is often next to impossible without a single source of truth. Maxio Business Intelligence makes consolidation smart, easy, and enjoyable.

Business Intelligence includes features such as:

  • Out-of-the-box tools ready to use right away

  • Real-time data streaming from your application and all third-party sources

  • Customized metrics with segmentation and filtering capabilities, so you can analyze granular data in a way that’s meaningful to your industry and business goals

  • Quick personalized dashboards from templates—or build your own with easily-customizable drag-and-drop options.

  • Secure dashboard sharing via link, embed code, or download

  • 360° view of your business operations

Should you give Maxio BI a try? Lawpath CMO Tom Willis thinks so.

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