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The Perfect Match: Why Maxio Was The Answer Legally Mine Spent Years Searching For

There’s no question asset protection and lawsuit prevention are necessities for all practices and business owners.

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Adam Feber

May 23, 2018

In today’s world, the average business will face five lawsuits over the course of their life. There’s no question asset protection and lawsuit prevention are necessities for all practices and business owners. In a world where initial asset protection consultations can cost anywhere from $35,000 to $50,000 (and above), Legally Mine offers affordable, comprehensive asset protection for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Legally Mine has quickly become one of the largest, most respected lawsuit protection companies in the United States. We recently sat down with Legally Mine President Ammon McNeff to learn more about their explosive growth and how Maxio has helped them corner a specialty market by building lasting relationships with their customers.

Creating subscription packages in a traditional, transaction-based industry

Asset protection as a viable legal field has been around since the 1960’s, but due to prohibitive costs, has historically been an avenue only available to the wealthiest 1%. With limited options and high costs as a barrier to entry, Legally Mine’s unique business model has made asset protection affordable and available to a larger community of business owners and those in the healthcare industry.

Legally MIne Services

Many customers start with the company’s consulting package, which provides access to Legally Mine’s attorneys who provide personalized knowledge as to the best asset protection structures for clients’ circumstances, situation, and geographic location (laws can vary from state to state).

The consulting package starts by laying out a customized asset protection structure, tax saving strategies, and estate planning. The subscription includes the ongoing management of the client’s entities. Ongoing management helps ensure meeting minutes are filled out each year and corporate entities are filed annually to prevent lapses.

Outside of the consulting package, customers can purchase access to Legally Mine’s large library of legal resources. The purchase includes lifetime access to all of the specialized legal documents specifically used for asset protection.

Customers have the option to take the legal documents to their own attorney or Legally Mine has in-house attorneys who will create the structures outlined in the documents “at no additional cost because they have purchased that lifetime entity creation” which comes along with the document library access, explains McNeff.

As with any innovative business, Legally Mine encountered obstacles they had to overcome as they scaled.

Finding a solution for recurring billing pains

In 2013 Legally Mine introduced the consultation package in its current form. Initially, they were manually processing recurring payments through their payment gateway because it was what they knew and had access to at the time.  “But after several months, we realized very quickly that was getting out of control because of how many people were signing up for our program and services and how we were growing,” says McNeff.

Not only was attempting to bill subscriptions through the payment gateway cumbersome internally, making payments was difficult and confusing for many of their clients.

In addition to manually processing payments, they were having to manually reach out to customers when transactions failed and ask for updated card information. Support resources were overwhelmed and stretched thin with all the manual processes in place.

“Team members would get through maybe half of the dunning list before the next billing cycle hit. At that point they would have to abandon that previous month and then start over from the next billing cycle, and just hope that they would be able to get through it as fast as possible.”

Customer retention was being affected, but Legally Mine wasn’t able to get accurate, detailed insights into retention or churn. The lack of recurring billing and dunning automation combined with inaccurate or unavailable analytics was creating the same bottlenecks that plague many subscription-based businesses.

They began searching for a recurring billing solution but were discouraged to find many didn’t even integrate with their payment gateway, much less provide everything required to solve their billing pains. When the company found Maxio, all those needs (and more) were immediately satisfied.

 Maxio became the clear option because of all the benefits provided and the competitive price. When we signed on with Maxio, we got our hand held every step of the way. Maxio has been the solution we’ve been searching for for years.Ammon McNeff, President, Legally Mine

Legally Mine had a variety of goals they wanted to accomplish by utilizing Maxio and an aggressive integration timeframe. McNeff credits Maxio’s onboarding specialists and best-in-class support team with the ease of moving to Maxio and getting everything done in their goal time frame:

“With chat support as well as the ongoing phone support and everything else, we were fully transitioned to Maxio within 30 days.”

Winning back resources increased the ability to scale

By automating recurring billing and dunning and putting those functions on autopilot, the company removed a variety of bottlenecks. Support resources that had been bogged down by manual processes were immediately freed up to help customers and address real support needs.

The company saw a direct impact to their bottom line by being able to move employee resources back to customer service.

 Maxio directly impacted our ability to provide a higher level of service to customers. We don’t have to hire as many people to worry about the accounts receivable and recurring billing, so we can spend that money on employees that will be directly helping our customers on a daily basis.Ammon McNeff, President, Legally Mine

Legally Mine wasn’t sure how customers would react to dunning emails and the request to update their credit card information. “I’ve been genuinely shocked at how many of our clients update their credit card information with just the first email. It’s clear they don’t want an interruption in service and want to continue to enjoy all the Legally Mine benefits. It makes me really happy we have the ability to offer this options to our customers and they don’t see it as an annoyance.”

McNeff credits Maxio’s automated retention strategies to retaining over $100k in monthly recurring revenue in the first three months that may have otherwise been lost. “Maxio provided an instant ROI from this perspective alone.”

Reliable analytics leads to better decision making

A company’s ability to scale successfully also hinges on having comprehensive, accurate analytics to make more informed decisions.

With Maxio as the system of record for all their subscriptions and transactions, the company has also benefited from deeper analytics and insights. “We started seeing immediate results with reporting,” said McNeff.

McNeff explained Maxio analytics helped the company better understand and manage how many customers were on legacy products, how previous products performed, and how their current products are performing.

In addition to improving customer retention and being able to clearly see that in reports, Legally Mine is “also gaining better insights into how our revenue is functioning.”

Legally Mine’s continued growth & future

As they move forward, the company is looking at expanding and diversifying their business offerings, and McNeff credits Maxio’s ability to scale with the company in the future.

 Maxio will also be a big component of future growth because we feel that as we scale additional products and business ventures, we already have the tool in place. Maxio enables us to start off with any kind of recurring billing that we may introduce on the right foot without any question that it’s going to be done the right way from the very beginning.Ammon McNeff, President, Legally Mine

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