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A New B2B SaaS Era is Upon Us

Getting funded is harder than ever

According to research published by Software Equity Group, companies must achieve 50% on Rule of 40 to achieve a 10X valuation. Compare that to 2021, when companies only had to be 10% on Rule of 40 to command the same valuation. The message is clear: Companies must figure out how to grow more profitably.

But growth efficiency requires deeper financial rigor from SaaS operators.

A graph showing company valuations based on Rule of 40 performance

You'll have to answer tough questions:

  • "Where are we winning across our business, and where can we be more efficient?"

  • "How can we provide more strategic insights to leadership and the board?"

  • "Can our current infrastructure handle the scale and complexity of future GTM priorities?"

Questions like these are difficult to answer because of fragmented order-to-cash processes.

Fragmented order-to-cash leads to the Scale-Up Bottleneck

Disconnected billing and revenue systems, key financial metrics and reports living in spreadsheets, and manual processes are all indicative of a fragmented-order-to-cash. 

A gif showing the "scale-up bottleneck"

These fragmented processes may be easy to manage early on, but quickly become a blocker to growth. We call this the scale up bottleneck. Over time, the problems compound exponentially as you add more customers, introduce new products, expand globally, and are faced with compliance requirements.

Overcoming bottlenecks won't come from:

Better spreadsheets

Billing and payment point solutions

For-fitting an ERP

But a movement of SaaS winners have found the answer

By implementing Maxio, the only billing and financial operations platform purpose-built for B2B SaaS, these operators have been able to eliminate the scale-up bottleneck and achieve remarkable results.

1 person

managing a finance team raised a Series A and B.

Scott Haney's headshot

Scott Haney, Revenue Operations at Chili Piper

Grew 100%+ YoY

by employing both a hybrid GTM motion.

Kasey Powell Headshot

Kasey Powell, Controller at Fleetio

Supports 10k+

customers, all with unique price points per customer.

Bethany Headshot.jpeg

Bethany Stachenfeld, Co-founder and CEO of SendSpark

Maxio automates your billing, collections, and reporting

Operate with confidence

We help you unify and automate the order-to-cash lifecycle with a billing and financial operations purpose built for B2B SaaS

A depiction of Maxio's customer dashboard with revenue schedule

Deliver insights you can't get anywhere else

With Maxio, you’ll be able to know the story behind the numbers to confidently prep for board meetings, audits, and funding due diligence.

Advanced Subscription Momentum_Consolidated Legal Entities

Scale without limits

Our platform is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your evolving needs—whether adding new GTM motions, new pricing, or expanding to new geographies.

Screen shots of Maxio's product catalog, featuring product, component, and coupon sections.


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See for yourself how Maxio can solve your billing bottlenecks. This self-guided tour will walk you through several of Maxio's key features.

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