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Sendspark’s 180° flip from “not being able to charge customers” to immediate revenue

Sendspark helps their users connect to customers through personalized video to drive engagement, increase email conversions, and build human relationships.

With Maxio, Sendspark is able to quickly test and launch competitive pricing models that connect the dots between what they charge and what their customers value.

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Sendspark was facing a pricing dilemma

Co-founder and CEO at Sendspark, Bethany Stachenfeld, didn’t want to charge per user because she believed it “turned every new user into a purchase decision.” But she didn’t have the dev resources to build a subscription billing engine in-house. Maxio was the answer.

  • Implementing Maxio’s Advanced Billing allowed Sendspark to charge users without building a subscription engine in house

  • Maxio’s flexible billing and pricing models made it possible to design tailor-made pricing for individual users and personalize customer relationships at scale

  • Maxio completely automated Sendspark’s dunning and collection procedures, so they didn’t have to chase down late payments

A "plug 'n play" approach to pricing

As Co-Founder and CEO at Sendspark, Bethany is tasked with steering the ship and building a following of loyal customers. However, without the dev resources to design user-specific pricing and subscription tiers, all of Sendspark’s users would be charged the exact same way.

Maxio’s Advanced Billing allowed Bethany and her team to hit the ground running. 

Instead of wasting time and money on an in house billing engine, they could use Maxio to start charging users instantly and align their pricing strategy with how their customers use Sendspark.

"With Maxio, we are able to test different pricing models just by talking to customers and proposing different plans. We could see what made sense, what was too high, what was too cheap, and what really resonated with our customers."

No more chasing down late or unpaid invoices

Bethany and her team used Maxio’s cadences and dunning features to enhance their collections communications with personalized, automated messages that can be sent in custom time frames. Gone are the days of keeping up with collections in a spreadsheet, sending out one-off emails, and covering their desks in Post-It note reminders.

“Something that works behind the scenes for us is the dunning feature. If someone's credit card expires, Maxio is going to send out emails on our behalf that remind people to update their credit card. As soon as we got started with Maxio, we went from not being able to charge users, to fully automated processes.”

Flexible billing and pricing that just works

Bethany and the Sendspark team haven’t always had the best experience with setting up billing in house. Maxio lets them skip the grunt work and start charging users right away.

“I first heard of Maxio Advanced Billing when working at a different company where we didn't have a billing system, and it was such a big problem. The thing that stands out the most about Maxio is that it just works."

The entire process of implementing Maxio has been so seamless and the documentation is very thorough. When there are questions, the support team has gotten back to us right away. It's been very self-service and very easy for our team to implement. I would definitely recommend Maxio to any SaaS or startup founder.

Bethany Stachenfeld, Sendspark

Co-founder and CEO

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