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parcelLab Simplifies their Financial Operations with Maxio

parcelLab is a post-purchase software provider, enabling brands to increase top-line revenue, decrease operational costs, and optimize the customer experience.

Maxio has helped parcelLab automate and simplify their financial operations by utilizing both Maxio Platform and Maxio Advanced Billing.

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According to parcelLab’s head of finance, Jean-Thomas Cock, they have benefited greatly from Maxio’s easy-to-use platform.parcelLab has been able to get:

  • Straightforward billing processes

  • Saas Metrics at the push of a button

  • Accurate data they can trust

Implementing Maxio and Maxio Advanced Billing gives parcelLabs better insights

The billing is quite straightforward in terms of a product and frequency, but the real added value for us was on the reporting side.

Thanks to the cross-platform integration between Maxio and Advanced Billing, parcelLab is able to automate previously manual tasks, cutting down their month-end time-to-close and having complete confidence in their numbers. 

One of the biggest benefits to parcelLabs, besides the seamless integration, is the ability to drive efficiency with deferred revenue entries and drill down capabilities. Reporting on ARR used to take two or three weeks—now it takes a few clicks, allowing parcelLab to be agile and take action if need be. 

Explore the #1 billing and finance platform for B2B SaaS

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  • Get cash in the door faster

  • Drive strategic decisions with real-time SaaS metrics and analytics

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